How Can I Improve on my Running Workout?

What Improvements Can I Make To My Running Workouts?

If you want to reduce injury risk and make your runs more efficient than your body should be conditioned before your run. Naturally, keeping yourself in peak physical conditioning is essential for maintaining a healthy overall lifestyle. As an added bonus, this will help improve the performance of your workout routines, including going for runs. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, offering physical therapy near Bethpage, we can suggest helpful exercises programs that will improve your running performance.

How do I prepare myself?

The run itself is your body’s training, but in order to prepare for a run, you must condition. Taking the time to provide your body with the necessary preparation can be an outstanding benefactor and even help prevent injury. It’s important that your joints—knees, ankles, and hips specifically—aren’t able to move around freely because that is how injuries occur. A warm-up isn’t solely about raising your body temperature and getting focused, it’s about getting your body ready and providing flexibility, balance, agility, and resilience. For tips on warming up, consult with our staff for physical therapy near Bethpage.

The Warm-up:

A successful warm-up will prepare your muscles for a workout, reduce your risk of injury, and get your heart rate up. There are two main purposes of warming up, and they are:

  • To enhance your performance

  • To prevent injury

Part of the warm-up process is mentally preparing yourself for your run. Balance and stability can also see improvements by taking a brief warm-up. In conjunction, this will also help prevent yourself from tripping and falling, which can lead to potential injury as well. The mental warm-up is also a preparation for the possible discomfort the body may experience during running or working out. If your mind is ready to experience discomfort, the body will be prepared to work harder and move faster.

As important as it is to warm-up before running, it is just as important to warm up correctly. Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, offering physical therapy near Bethpage, is here to provide assistance for runners who are seeking guidance on improving their capabilities. We can help teach you how to properly warm-up and prepare your body for a run and prevent injury. Our therapists can help your body warm up correctly and teach you how to do so on your own. Get in touch with our office today and get yourself started with the help of physical therapy near Bethpage!

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