How Physical Therapy Can Help Prevent Snowboarding Injuries

Even though the winter season is now upon us, the snow will not prevent some individuals from engaging in exciting outdoor activities. Commonly, a winter outdoor activities that many people seem to enjoy is snowboarding. Snowboarding is typically done on steep slopes and mountain tops, with the rider gliding downward on their snowboard. Even though this action sport can be a thrilling experience, the potential risk of injury is very high for snowboarders. One study puts snowboarding and skiing injuries into perspective, after analyzing statistics from the 2011-2012 winter season.

Extreme sports such as snowboarding have been known to create injury in the legs and lower body areas of participants. If you’re looking for injury prevention, considering consultation with a physical therapist in Farmingdale at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can be extremely beneficial. The majority of physical therapists are experts in maintaining bodily function and athletic ability, which are essential skills required for being a snowboarder. Other benefits of pursuing physical therapy for snowboarding injury prevention can include the following:

  • Recommended workouts that can help strengthen your core and lower body, which can increase your snowboarding performance.

  • Improved body control and balance, which are both imperative skills needed for extreme sports like this one.

  • Suggested equipment and gear which can help prevent injuries that occur from falling at high rapid speeds.

  • Tips and information regarding the sport, such as a recommendation to abstain from expert level courses if you’re still a novice level snowboarder.

In the event that you do suffer an injury, physical therapy can be an outstanding method for aiding your recovery process. This goes for not only snowboarding injuries but other complications that may occur from engaging in winter-related activities. Examples of these common actions can include injuries from shoveling, skiing, or slips and falls on icy pathways.

For more information regarding injury prevention and how a physical therapist in Farmingdale can assist you, contact our office today for an appointment and consultation.

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