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TATT Syndrome, What Are The Symptoms?

TATT Syndrome, What Are The Symptoms? A condition that any hard-working individual can relate to, TATT or Tired All The Time Syndrome is a complication in which victims experience chronic, unrelenting fatigue. Due to the inclination of work and the … Continue reading

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Choose Direct Access PT

Choose Direct Access PT Just as the name would suggest, direct access to physical therapy refers to patients having the ability to utilize physical therapy services whenever they feel it’s necessary. Instead of waiting on a medical doctor’s approval or … Continue reading

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Healthy Resolution For The New Year

Healthy Resolutions For The New Year Forward thinkers approach the new year with a fresh set of goals to improve their lives in one way or another. Choosing to focus on tiny changes to your lifestyle can inevitably lead to … Continue reading

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Preventing Hip Flexor Strain

Preventing Hip Flexor Strain In the case of hip flexors, athletes are typically more susceptible to straining this area as opposed to individuals who do not play sports but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Either way, straining your hip … Continue reading

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Poor Posture and Neck Pain

  Poor Posture and Neck Pain Have you been experiencing pain or discomfort in your neck, but can’t pinpoint a reason for it? In many cases, this could be due to having poor posture. A variety of factors could have … Continue reading

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