Physical Therapy For Muscle Strains

What Is A Muscle Strain?

Firstly, we need to know that muscles are primarily responsible for maintaining and changing posture, locomotion, as well as able to produce force and motion. A muscle strain is a result of overstretched or torn muscles or tendons. Any kind of abrupt change in posture or motion can cause a muscle strain. There exist numerous ways you can strain your muscles, from a simple fall on a slippery winter day, too heavy lifting at the gym. If you’re looking for Physical Therapy Near Bethpage, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can show you copious amounts of treatment options for this particular injury.

Common Ways Muscle Strains Occur

There are numerous instances in which you may strain your muscles and it’s unfortunately very common, affecting more than three million people in the U.S. per year. When you’re thinking about Physical Therapy near Bethpage, think of Farmingdale Physical Therapy East to get you the answers to your questions and for techniques that you can use to help heal your muscle strain. Here are some frequent situations in which you may strain a muscle: Read more here

  • Slipping and falling – Some of us are especially susceptible to muscle strains when we slip and fall. Falling is a spontaneous and sudden motion that your body will automatically try to correct. As humans, our brains are wired to protect us and during a fall our central nervous system kicks into autopilot. This autopilot mode often tells the body to make certain movements, like putting your hands out to brace for the impact, often resulting in straining a muscle.

  • Daily activities (Running, Climbing, Throwing) – Common activities can sometimes lead to strained muscles because of the casual approach most people use when undergoing recreational actions.

  • Lifting heavy objects – Heavy lifting is at the top of the list of ways to strain your muscle. This is because the activity directly targets the muscles and tendons.


Prevention starts with first finding the right information and in a time of information overload we have dedicated a page on our site to provide you with relative information that you need. Our specialists provide excellent Physical therapy near Bethpage and recognize that in order to prevent muscle strains it is important to note the factors that contribute to strained muscles. Here are 5 main factors to consider:

  • Poor conditioning – Without conditioning, your muscles may be weak which drastically increases the chance of a strain.

  • Fatigue – No one can operate fully while tired, and your muscles are no exception. Tired muscles won’t deliver necessary support for your joints which then make you more susceptible to forces that could overextend a muscle.

  • Poor equipment – When engaging in physical activities it’s important to have the right gear for the activity you’re participating in. For example, if you’re going jogging, wearing the wrong shoes can result in a slip or fall that may develop a strained muscle.

  • Environmental conditions – Slippery or uneven surfaces can make you more prone to injury.

  • Improper warm-up – Before you take off on your next jogging trail it’s essential that you properly warm up to loosen your muscles. Loose muscles are less likely to tear and can increase injury prevention.


Muscle sprain recovery time varies from case to case. Some patients find healing in a few days, while others may take up to several weeks. With the proper care, muscle sprain recovery time can be dramatically reduced. We have muscle injury specialists with over 29 years experience, so if you’re ever looking for more information about Physical Therapy Near Bethpage contact us today! If you feel that you have strained your muscle, it is important to get accurately diagnosed first in order to start your recovery process. The good news is that if you are searching for Physical Therapy Near Bethpage, we have an entire staff of qualified specialists who can help you on your road to recovery.

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How Physical Therapy Can Help Improve Athletic Ability

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale

Are you looking to become a stronger, more agile athlete?  Winter is a great season to get back in shape. Working with a physical therapist has many advantages including increased flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance. If you are looking for physical therapy near Bethpage, our facility at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East offers a staff of over two decades of post-graduate experience here to help you. We offer flexible hours including Saturday appointments, post-discharge exercise regimens to help you at home, and a world-class medical center. Each person works with an assigned physical therapist from the moment they walk through the door. If you are an athlete, especially, there are many ways a physical therapist can help you become stronger this season.

10 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help Improve Your Athletic Ability

  1. Functional Testing – A trained physical therapist will put an athlete through a series of tests and training to identify areas and muscles of weakness.

  2. Unique Treatment Plan – A physical therapist will create a unique treatment plan aimed at conditioning the muscles primarily used in your sport.

  3. Reduce or Eliminate Pain – By working with you to properly use sports equipment and exercise manual techniques, you can reduce pain secondary to overuse during sports.

  4. Avoid Surgery – A strict physical therapy regimen helps protect your joints and bones to reduce the risk of injury and surgery secondary to arthritis.

  5. Improve Mobility – A physical therapist will work with you to increase your range of motion and flexibility through stretching techniques.

  6. Improve Balance – Physical therapy near Bethpage will help improve hand-eye coordination and set the neural pathways to improve balance during sports activity.

  7. Prevention Techniques – A physical therapist can train you on how to fall or receive sports injury while sustaining the least amount of impact on the body.

  8. Increase Agility – By joint mobilization and multidirectional movement exercises, a physical therapist can help you increase agility on the court/field.

  9. Increase Cardiovascular Stamina – You can work on treadmill exercises to increase your cardiovascular load and help you run further without losing breath.

  10. Lastly, physical therapy helps your confidence! – Studies have shown that creating a strict regimen of physical activity with your therapist can elevate your mood and help receive the confidence needed to perform best out on the field.

Specific sports during the winter-time that help improve balance are ice-skating, indoor basketball, and skiing. Always be careful to avoid falls during the icy season. In addition, wear layers to avoid frostbite and keep hydrated even in the cooler weather. This season, if you are looking for physical therapy near Bethpage, remember that Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is here for you! Contact us today to book your appointment with one of our many experienced physical therapists!

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Recovering From Whiplash

physical therapy near bethpage

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale

Traumatic experiences such as car accidents can have a lasting effect on both your physical and mental health. Commonly, whiplash is a side-effect that transpires as a result of car accidents and similarly related incidents. Whiplash is a severe neck injury that occurs when the neck is emphatically whipped forward, then proceeds backward. Typically, car accidents are the primary cause of injury but it can also occur due to sports injuries and other related trauma. By utilizing physical therapy near Bethpage, you’ll be more informed on whiplash and other complications.

Warning Signs/Symptoms

In some situations, you may not even realize you’re dealing with whiplash since the condition isn’t normally understood by patients. If you’ve experienced rapid/forceful movement as a result of a sudden collision or accident, you need to be on the lookout for whiplash-related symptoms. Symptoms that tend to crop up as a result of the condition can include stiffness, chronic headaches, and sharp pain in the neck area.

Other symptoms that you need to be aware of can include the following:

  • Tenderness - If you’re feeling discomfort and soreness in the neck/upper shoulder area, this can be one of the early warning signs of whiplash.

  • Range of Motion - Occasionally, patients may experience a loss of range of motion within the neck area.

  • Sleep Deprivation - Most patients who are suffering from whiplash may have trouble sleeping at night, due to the uncomfortable nature of the condition.

Recovery Process

Struggling with whiplash can be a nuisance, especially for those who are unable to give themselves regular rest due to ordinary working life. Thankfully, you can utilize physical therapy near Bethpage at Farmingdale PTE to aid this process and provide a smooth road to recovery. Some benefits of pursuing physical therapy to help heal your whiplash can include the following:

  • Strengthening - Physical therapists are able to use unique workouts to target the neck area, which can increase the strength of this location and help boost recovery.

  • Motion Training - Typically, certain movements can lead to increased discomfort occurring in the neck area. Your physical therapist can educate you on what movements to avoid and how to keep your neck properly positioned as it recovers.

  • Injury Prevention - Not only can physical therapy help you feel better, but it can also help prevent you from injuring the complication even further. This can be especially important for healing purposes since whiplash can also have long-term side-effects if left untreated.

  • Personalized Exercises - In addition to motion training, your physical therapist may also recommend a specialized workout plan for targeting your specific areas of discomfort. Be sure to let your physical therapist know where exactly you’re experiencing pain.

If you’re struggling with a whiplash injury, you need to consider pursuing physical therapy near Bethpage at Farmingdale PTE. Physical therapy can be highly beneficial for the recovery process and will likely benefit you in the long-term. Your physical therapist can create a plan of attack that will get you back to an optimal level of health. Contact our Farmingdale location today for an appointment and consultation.

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Can Physical Therapy Help Fibromyalgia?

physical therapy near bethpage

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale

A disorder that is occasionally brought to the attention of physical therapists is fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a complication that can disburse pain throughout the body, leading to an abundance of issues such as fatigue and memory loss. Considered a rheumatic condition, fibromyalgia creates soft tissue pain and can be rather aggravating if not properly treated. Thankfully, anyone dealing with fibromyalgia can pursue physical therapy near Bethpage at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East for potential relief.


Information regarding what stimulates fibromyalgia to crop up for a patient is still being researched at this time. However, most physicians agree that genetics play a potential role in whether or not you may contract fibromyalgia. Other potential catalysts are theorized to be physical/emotional trauma or infections that aggravate the issue. If you’re closely related to any of these stimulants, you need to consider your symptoms before coming to the conclusion that the problem could be related to fibromyalgia.


Common symptoms of fibromyalgia that you may be experiencing can include:

  • Outspread Pain - Pain throughout the body is typically considered the number one warning sign for fibromyalgia in a patient. This pain can occur in various locations of the body, so be sure to keep track of where exactly you’re feeling discomfort.

  • Fatigue - Physical exhaustion is also a common symptom of fibromyalgia. This can be the case for individuals who are able to get regular rest, yet for some reason still feel sluggish and unable to stay awake. This can also contribute to insomnia and may prevent you from being able to rest easy at night.

  • Difficulty Concentrating - An inability to stay focused may also be a warning sign for fibromyalgia.

If any of these complications sound similar to an ailment you’re currently dealing with, contact Farmingdale PTE for physical therapy near Bethpage.

Treatment Through Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy related treatments can include the following:

  • Stretching Techniques - Regular movements can trigger flare-ups if you’re a person who’s suffering from fibromyalgia. Thankfully, your physical therapist is an expert in kinesiology and can recommend stretches that will target the affected area.

  • Energy Boost - As previously outlined, fibromyalgia not only causes discomfort but can also contribute to fatigue. Your physical therapist can suggest methods to boost your energy, such as a proper diet plan or unique exercises that can be done at home.

  • Deep-Tissue Massage - Physical therapists can also incorporate a deep-tissue massage to help relieve pain in select areas of the body.

Fibromyalgia can create not only mental stress but physical stress for you as well. Making the choice to cope rather than seek treatment should never be an option to consider. By having regular visits to get physical therapy near Bethpage, you’ll be able to provide yourself with a specialized plan of attack for your ailment. Contact Farmingdale PTE today for a consultation regarding fibromyalgia and other bodily ailments.

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Most Common Workplace Injuries

Physical Therapy Near Massapequa, NY

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale

Suffering a workplace injury can be a traumatic experience for any individual, regardless of the line of work they regularly participate in. Typically, injuries do tend to occur in a more blue-collar location. However, this does not rule out the possibility that injuries and other complications can occur in a regular office setting as well. If you’ve experienced a work-related injury and are seeking physical therapy near Massapequa, NY for assistance, you need to consider Farmingdale Physical Therapy East. Our therapists can provide you with important tips, recommended exercises, and other helpful suggestions that will get you back on the path towards recovery.

Examples of Common Injuries

Pinpointing each and every potential work-related injury would leave us discussing this topic for hours on end. Realistically, accidents can occur at any time from an endless amount of plausible catalysts. Instead, we will take a look at some of the more universal injuries that are regularly reported among both blue and white collar workers. See below for a detailed examination of ordinary accidents that can crop up at your (or anyone else’s) job location:

  • Slipping & Falling – You may brush off that wet floor sign as nothing more than comedic relief. However, wiping out on a wet surface can potentially lead to detrimental consequences for your health. In some cases, you may suffer a concussion due to a blow to the head or even potentially tear a ligament that you happen to land on awkwardly. A simple solution for avoiding this injury would be to stay aware of your surroundings, especially in an area that has been labeled as potentially dangerous by another employee.

  • Overexertion – It’s understandable that all jobs come with a decent workload that needs to be managed throughout your day. But forcing yourself to overdue what your body/mind can handle may have adverse effects on your health. Jobs that involve lifting a large amount of weight or operating heavy machinery are prime examples of physically overdoing yourself beyond what your body is programmed to maintain. Inversely, sitting in a chair and staring at a screen all day can also have rough side-effects for your health. These types of workers may experience severe headaches and dizziness from constant overuse. A strong solution for combating overexertion would be to take regular breaks (approximately 15 minutes long) and to never skip your lunch either. If you’re constantly on your feet all day, remember to sit down for your break. As an office worker, you’ll need to do the opposite. Remember to get up and stretch for your periodic breaks, going for a quick walk can also be highly beneficial (if possible).

  • Repetitive Motions – If you were once an athlete, then you’re probably familiar with the term repetitive motion. An example would be a pitcher, who repeatedly fires a baseball towards home plate. This action of using their arm to deliver the pitch is repetitive and can inevitably lead to some wear and tear. The same goes for the job-goer who frequently uses the same groups of muscles on a regular basis. If you feel as though your body is being worn down by repetitive motion, consider pursuing physical therapy near Massapequa, NY for potential relief towards your ailment.

We understand that your job is your job and that you need to work in order to maintain an ordinary livelihood. But that should never indicate that you also need to subject yourself to periodic discomfort. No job or situation is ever worth sacrificing your physical and/or mental health. If you’re searching for a solution towards healing any work-related injury, contact Farmingdale PTE today for further assistance. With physical therapy near Massapequa, NY, our staff will be able to provide you with specialized techniques for the treatment of your specific injury. You can get started today by contacting us for an appointment and consultation, feel free to reach out!

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National Physical Therapy Month

physical therapy near Bethpage

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale

October is National Physical Therapy Month and just because you don’t need physical therapy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue it. Physical therapy can kickstart your journey into the realm of physical activity and trigger an overall state of health and wellness. If you find that you’re not frequently making appearances at your local gym, physical therapy can not only motivate you but also teach you how to workout properly and free from injury. If you’re considering pursuing physical therapy near Bethpage, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is your go-to for the ins and outs involved in the practice.


Some of the potential benefits of physical therapy can include the following:

  • Pain Relief – You may not think you need physical therapy but your body might disagree. At the end of a long workday, you may be experiencing stiffness and/or soreness in your shoulders. Physical therapy can help prepare you for any potential discomforts in this or other areas of the body.

  • Flexibility – If you have trouble stretching and touching your toes, physical therapy can be an outstanding resource for increasing your flexibility. Just a few sessions and you’ll be feeling like a Cirque Du Soleil trapeze artist.

  • Exercises – Your physical therapist may recommend and demonstrate workout regimens that you can utilize even at your own convenience. If after a few sessions you still feel somewhat sore and stiff, these exercises can help you loosen up.

  • Geriatric Benefits – You may not be a spring chicken, but that doesn’t mean you have to abstain from all physical activity. Physical therapy can help with mobility and warm up those muscles that are not quite as active as they used to be.

Physical therapy isn’t restricted to only injured individuals. It can also be just as beneficial to those who presently don’t have an injury. The benefits are there for anyone who takes it, you don’t need to be physically injured first to receive it. If you’re searching for physical therapy near Bethpage, you should strongly consider our services and allow us to help provide you with a healthy lifestyle.

Types of Physical Therapy

Types of therapy are:

  • Orthopedic physical therapy – Helps those who have just gone through orthopedic surgery. It can also help those who suffer from tendonitis, sprains, fractures, and bursitis. The treatments that help are manual therapy, strength training, and mobility training.

  • Vestibular therapy – If your balance is not good it may be because your inner ear is affecting it. There are ways this particular physical therapy can help you if your inner ear is affecting you. It is a combination of exercises and manual techniques that can help improve your coordination and balance.

  • Neurological physical therapy – Can help improve the lives of people affected by conditions like cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, brain injury, and stroke. Through this therapy, a patient may receive benefits such as limb responsiveness, and reduced muscle atrophy by increasing strength.

Whether you require it or are just looking to improve your physical and mental health, physical therapy is an excellent source for reaching optimal well-being. Being a fitness nut isn’t a prerequisite for wanting to improve your mobility or areas of your body that could use a little shaping up. Even if you want to attend physical therapy just for the sole purpose of making it easier to get out of bed in the morning, you should still go! If you need physical therapy near Bethpage, Farmingdale PTE is more than willing to help you.

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World Heart Day

physical therapy near bethpage

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, taking the lives of 17.7 million individuals a year. CVD account for 31% of annual deaths, therefore the World Health Organization (WHO) organized a day to raise awareness.

As of 2013, the WHO committed to reducing CVD related cases by 25% by 2025. Take the time today to become knowledgeable about your heart health, and make the promise to look after your heart.

What is cardiovascular disease?

Cardiovascular diseases are any disease involving the heart, the vascular function of the brain, or diseases affecting the blood vessels. Some of the most common cardiovascular diseases include coronary heart disease, such as a heart attack, and cerebrovascular disease, such as a stroke. As the strongest muscle in the body, your heart is imperative to your health so avoiding prominent risk factors for CVDs is very important.

What are the risk factors for CVD?

  • Check your blood glucose levels: High blood sugar is a token symptom for diabetes. The risk of a cardiovascular incident is increased substantially with diabetes. It is important to screen for diabetes in high-risk patients and to keep sugar levels under control.

  • Check your blood pressure: High blood pressure is one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, there are often few or no symptoms which accompany high blood pressure, making awareness difficult.

  • Check your numbers: A doctor can advise you of your weight, cholesterol levels, and BMI and assess your risk for CVD.

  • Know the signs: Over 70% of heart attacks and strokes occur at home, where a family member is present. Talk to healthcare professionals about finding out the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and stroke to help be aware ones in case of an emergency.

How can you help your heart?

  • Eat and drink healthy: Cutting down on high sugar snacks and beverages can help lower blood glucose levels and blood pressure. Limiting your alcohol intake can also benefit your heart health.

  • Get active: Thirty minutes of moderate activity 5 times a week is a healthy goal. Although fitness cannot directly treat cardiovascular diseases, exercise and fitness can help promote your overall health. If you are looking to take on an exercise program to improve your fitness, physical therapy near Bethpage can help make a difference in your health and help keep your heart strong.

  • Say no to smoking: Two years after quitting cigarettes, CVD is drastically less likely. After 15 years without smoking, the risk for CVD will return to the levels of a nonsmoker. Not only will avoiding or quitting smoking help you, but it will benefit your loved ones. Inhaling second-hand smoke can also increase the risk of developing CVD. Quitting smoking, or not smoking in the first place, is the best thing you can do for your heart.

Physical Therapy near Bethpage

If you’re looking to improve your heart health, consider getting active with Farmingdale Physical Therapy East. We offer a range of rehabilitation services including physical therapy near Bethpage and conditioning programs which help maintain the health of your heart and overall body and mind. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

physical therapy near bethpage

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale

Taking care of your body is important all year round, but many people tend to put health and fitness on the back burner. Work, family, and activities keep us busy, so National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is a great reminder of how important our health truly is. Anyone can celebrate this important day, not just women. Contact our practice today to get started with physical therapy near Bethpage to help improve your health, and check out these tips on ways to celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day:

  • Try out a new exercise: There are lots of invigorating exercises for everyone. Take a break from your usual routine and give a new workout a try! Been wanting to try yoga? Find a local class. Interested in biking? Find a new bike trail. There’s no better time than now to take responsibility for your well-being.

  • Schedule a check-up: Regular doctor appointments are imperative when considering good health. Consider scheduling a checkup with your doctor today, and start physical therapy near Bethpage to improve your balance, strength, and flexibility.

  • Eating Healthy: Eating healthy and being aware of what you put into your body is essential to overall health and well-being. Take care of your body and be conscious of what you fuel it with.

  • Pay attention to your mental health: Mental health is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. Take time today to stop and listen to your body and mind. Your mental state is just as an important as your physical state and should never be overlooked.

  • Stay hydrated: Don’t forget to stay hydrated! It is imperative to your health and functionality of the body. Drink plenty of water and fuel it when it needs to be fueled, especially before, during, and after physical activity.

If you’re interested in improving your health today, consider our physical therapy near Bethpage. While National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is a great way to bring awareness to living a healthy and active lifestyle, don’t wait until September 28th to start living your best life!  Farmingdale Physical Therapy East will help you achieve the healthy life you are striving to achieve.

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Steps to a Faster Ankle Sprain Recovery

Sports injury rehabilitation in Farmingdale

Ankle Sprain Recovery – Physical Therapy in Farmingdale

Considering everyday 25,000 individuals suffer from an ankle sprain, it is all too likely to happen in your lifetime. But don’t fear, sports injury rehabilitation in Farmingdale with our team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can help you get back on your feet!

How do ankle sprains happen?

Ankle sprains occur when the ankle joint is shifted too far out of its natural position, causing one or more ligaments to stretch or tear. While many ankle sprains occur during sports participation, there are other ways an ankle sprain may occur:

  • Unstable or unsuitable footwear

  • Tripping or falling

  • Landing improperly from a jump

  • Walking or running on uneven surfaces

  • Car crashes

  • Rolling the ankle

  • Twisting the ankle

Do I have an ankle sprain?

Ankle sprains are painful and debilitating conditions. Here are some commons symptoms to check for if you believe you may be suffering from a sprained ankle:

  • Swelling

  • Tenderness

  • Bruising

  • Pain

  • Inability to put weight on the injured ankle

  • Balance issues

  • Skin discoloration

  • Stiffness

Can I prevent an ankle sprain from occurring?

There are many different ways you can help keep your ankles healthy and ward off sprains. Some steps include:

  • Avoid running or participating in sports when tired or in pain

  • Eat a well-balanced diet

  • Keep your muscles strong

  • Maintain a healthy weight to decrease the pressure on your joints

  • Wear well-fitted and appropriate shoes

  • Run on flat surfaces

  • Stretch and warm up before exercise

Sports injury rehabilitation in Farmingdale

Physical therapy is the best treatment for an ankle sprain, as it is highly effective and noninvasive. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, not only will we help you recover from your sprained ankle, but we will help you prevent future injuries from occurring. Some stretches and strength exercises may include:

  • Calf stretch: Stand about two feet away from the wall with hands on the wall, shoulder-width apart. Place one foot behind the other, and bend your front knee slowly while keeping your heels on the floor.

  • Heel stretch: While seated, loop a towel or exercise band over the ball of your foot. Gently pull back until you feel the stretch in your calf and heel.

  • Ankle raises: Slowly raise your body to stand on the balls of your feet. Hold this position a few moments, before lowering to standing position again.

  • Standing on one leg: While it sounds simple, standing on one leg for short periods is a great way to improve your balance. Next, do so on a bosu ball for more difficulty.

  • Trace the alphabet: Using your big toe, slowly trace the alphabet in the air to improve range of motion.

  • Foot presses: Wrap an exercise band around the ball of your foot. Alternate between pushing your foot forward, backward, and side to side to strengthen your ankles.

What to do at home

There are many steps you can take at home, along with participating in physical therapy that will only help speed up and benefit the recovery process:

  • Rest: Make sure you are giving your ankle plenty of time to heal without putting an extra strain. Don’t put too much weight on your ankle while it is recovering.

  • Ice: Ice will help the muscles and ligaments heal and keep the swelling down, reducing pain in your injury while it heals.

  • Compression: Use light compression, such as a bandage, to help keep swelling in your ankle to a minimum.

  • Elevation: Elevate your ankle above the level of your heart to help reduce the pressure and swelling.

If you have suffered a sprained ankle, contact us today to get back on your feet. We look forward to hearing from you and to starting your personalized sports injury rehabilitation in Farmingdale.

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Trigger Finger Treatment

physical therapy near bethpageTrigger Finger – Physical Therapy in Farmingdale

Also known as stenosing tenosynovitis, trigger finger is an extremely uncomfortable condition in which one of your fingers becomes stuck and locked in a bent position. The finger is unable to straighten out without significant discomfort. Are you looking for physical therapy near Bethpage? Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can help treat your trigger finger.

What causes trigger finger?

There are two, primary causes of trigger finger:

  • Most often, trigger finger is caused by a repeated movement or a forceful use of one of the fingers.

  • Sometimes, trigger finger is caused by an inflammation of the tendons that connect the bone and muscle in the finger.

What are the symptoms of trigger finger?

Some common symptoms that are indicative of trigger finger include:

  • A locked finger that is unable to be straightened

  • A popping sensation when the finger is moved

  • Soreness at the base of the finger

  • Stiffness in the finger

  • A painful clicking when moving the finger

Symptoms are noticeably worse when:

  • You first wake up in the morning

  • You grasp something firmly

  • You attempt to straighten the finger

Who is most at risk for trigger finger?

While trigger finger can occur in anyone, the following put you more at risk for developing the condition:

  • Being between the ages of 40 and 60

  • Trigger finger is more common in women than in men

  • Those with gout, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis are more susceptible to developing trigger finger

  • Those who repeat finger movements, such as musicians, farmers, and industrial workers are more at risk for developing the condition

How can trigger finger be treated?

There are a variety of ways in which the condition can be treated. Our physical therapy near Bethpage includes treatment to help treat trigger finger. Overall, the goal is to allow for the finger to be able to move freely, without clicking, popping, locking, or pain. Treatment options include:

  • The use of a splint

  • Physical therapy

  • A steroid injection into the tendon

  • Surgery

Surgery is often used as a last resort if other treatment options do not alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms. Usually, following surgery, full motion of the finger is restored, but physical therapy is often required to ensure full range of motion. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, our team can help you restore your strength and full range of motion in your finger post surgery, or even before choosing to undergo surgery depending on the severity of the condition.

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, our physical therapy near Bethpage can help treat your trigger finger. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced, skilled physical therapists.

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