Physical Therapy for Arthritis

Arthritis is a debilitating disease that often affects women, the middle-aged and the elderly; however, people of all ages and sexes can become affected by the disease. Arthritis is a broad term to refer to joint pain or joint disease and the symptoms surrounding it. The most common symptoms that those suffering from arthritis experience are:

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Post Surgical Care in Farmingdale

While physical therapists offer a wider variety of services ranging from sports injury treatment to aquatic therapies, one very common service is post-surgical rehab. Rehabilitation following invasive surgeries is imperative in order to restore the patient’s full mobility and health. The overall goal of performing post operative rehabilitation is for the patient to return to a pre-surgical health status in regard to physical function. Post surgical rehabilitation often varies depending on which area surgery was performed on. Duration and intensity of rehabilitation will also vary on a case by case basis, with factors such as age and severity of the affected and/or injured area. Post surgical rehabilitation is most often necessary with the following types of invasive surgeries:

  • Shoulder surgery

  • Hip surgery

  • Ankle surgery

  • Foot surgery

  • Spinal surgery

Prior to starting postoperative rehabilitation, physical therapists will often assess the patient for levels of pain, strength, functional ability and range of motion.

While medicine may aid in reducing pain and inflammation following invasive surgical procedures, it is not the cure all for all symptoms and it will not help patients restore full strength. The following are some benefits of seeking post surgical rehabilitation:

  • Strengthening disused and weakened muscles

  • Restoring full mobility

  • Restoring normal, everyday movement habits

  • Compensation for functional loss

  • Decrease in swelling of the affected area

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, located in Farmingdale, NY, our physical therapists are equipped with the skills and knowledge to help you recover completely following surgery. Our trained and licensed physical therapists will be right alongside you every step of the way to ensure that you make a healthy, speedy recovery and restore full strength and mobility. Call our Farmingdale location at (516) 293-0565 to set up an assessment if you recently had surgery that requires rehabilitation. Our staff will ensure that you fully heal and that you receive service with a smile!

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Overuse Injuries

What is an overuse injury? Any type of muscle or joint injury that is caused by repetitive trauma. If you are currently suffering from an overuse injury and are looking for a physical therapist in Farmingdale, you are in luck. Here at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, our physical therapists are ready to help assist and recover you from your injuries. It is critical to understand how these types of injuries occur and how to prevent them. These overuse injuries are usually a result of:

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Physical Therapy For Muscle Weakness

Muscle weakness is a blanket term for a condition that can arise from a vast variety of different causes and disorders. It is a common problem and the definition can be confusing, as it encompasses a variety of related, but separate and different feelings. Some examples include feeling tired, noticeably reduced strength in physical situations, and even a failure to make your muscles tense at all. Here at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we will help you discover the root cause of your muscle tension and alleviate your specific symptoms.

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Physical Therapy for Sciatica in Farmingdale

Are you currently suffering from the pain of sciatica? Sciatica is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve located down one or both legs from the lower back. If you are living in Farmingdale, or anywhere on Long Island, there is a solution for you. Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can provide you with physical therapy to help ease the pain caused by the sciatic nerve.

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Physical Therapy for Neurological Conditions in Farmingdale

Neurological conditions can be debilitating and frustrating, and often have no universal cure. Though many major neurological diseases require treatment with medication, physical therapy can serve as an exceptionally effective, noninvasive course of treatment that can improve function and raise the patient’s quality of life. Neurological physical therapy focuses on the restoration of mobility to patients living with neurological conditions and is proven to be a healthy solution to many complications of neurological issues. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, our team offers a variety of different services to assist our Farmingdale patients living with neurological conditions through personalized physical therapy.

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Prevent Weekend Warrior Injuries

If your weekends are filled with epic high movement, adventures, and activities, and your weekdays are filled with a monotonous 9-5 job and going to bed early you might be a weekend warrior! Hiking, biking, and participating in a sports league, are all weekend warrior activities. The sharp transition from static activities, sitting, to dynamic activities, playing golf, in Farmingdale can lead to injuries. Weekend warrior injuries include:

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The Physical Demands of Rowing And How Physical Therapy Can Help


Originally practiced during Ancient Egyptian times, rowing is gradually becoming more popular as a sport and fitness activity in the United States. To participate in a race, the crews go out onto the water and pile into a boat. As the members strongly push against the water with their oars, the force allows them to move faster. While rowing, it is essential that the team is synchronized to help create perfect flow of movement. Additionally, team members must be consistent with their speed throughout the contest. Prior to the competition, the team players must train and practice in order to be energized and well planned for their challenge.


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Preventing Injuries During Summer Sports

Summer, the warmest season of the year, means families gathering together to play outdoors, children signing up for sports teams, and neighbors jogging the roads of the community. During this time, it is important to take care of your body and prevent any possible injuries.

To begin, a few simple ways to avoid injuries include:

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Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is often known as shin splints.  It’s a condition that causes pain on the inside part of your shin and is commonly referred to as a shin splint because of the location of the pain. People with Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome will usually feel pain on the inner part of the shin after or during an exercise. Over time the pain can become more pronounced or worsen if not treated. Something to consider and watch out for are some common risk factors that may lead to Medial tibial stress syndrome.

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