Common Ice Hockey Injuries

To excel at ice hockey, athletes are required to have a mix of high stamina, strength, and toughness. It is a challenging sport to take part in, which is something our team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East understands. A calling card of ice hockey players is a person who can go unaffected by injury.  However, this will do more harm than good for your long-term health. Our staff offers physical therapy near Bethpage, so you can properly rehab your injury and avoiding missing extended time away from the game.

Ice Hockey Injuries   

As a sport filled with fast and brutal hits, injuries can be inescapable at times. Even if you believe you can play through an injury, you must have it checked out by a professional before making any decisions. Staying on the ice can be detrimental to your long term health, as you may be at risk for re-injury. If you have suffered any of the below injuries, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can offer Bethpage physical therapy as a form of treatment:

  • Broken collarbone.

  • ACL and MCL injuries.

  • Muscle strains.

  • Shoulder dislocations.

Staying On The Ice

The team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East understands the desire an athlete feels to stay injury-free and with their team. That is why we’d like to offer the following tips for avoiding injury and staying on the ice:

  • Wear The Right Equipment: Making sure your skates fit tightly and offer proper support will help fight against ankle and leg injuries. Gloves, pads, and faceguards will also lessen the impact of blows hockey players are subject to each time they step on the ice.

  • Stay Conditioned Year-Round: Athletes should never come into a season out of shape.  Trying to perform at a top-level when your body is not ready for the rigor of the season is a perfect way to sustain an injury.

  • Warm-Up: Warming up before a game or practice is one final way to avoid injury. Raising your heart rate will increase the blood flow to and flexibility of your muscles, leading to better athletic performance.

Schedule An Appointment For Bethpage Physical Therapy:

After sustaining an injury during ice hockey, physical therapy can be a beneficial form of treatment. Our physical therapists will have you perform a variety of stretches and exercises to increase the strength and range of motion of the affected area. By turning to our team, you’ll be able to go through a comprehensive rehab program and return to the game fully healed. Don’t spend more time injured than necessary contact us today!

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Winter Safety Tips

Some people wait all year for winter to arrive. Drops in temperature and the thought of snowfall can be enticing to some, but the perils this time of year can bring shouldn’t be forgotten. Farmingdale Physical Therapy East wants to ensure all its patients remain safe this winter. By following the below advice, you can reduce your risk of serious injury!

Stay Alert To Your Surroundings

It’s very easy for traveling conditions to become hazardous during the wintertime. Ice can be lurking on every stoop, sidewalk, and driveway after precipitation has fallen. When this ice goes unnoticed, slips and falls can occur.  These incidents are the most common cause of injury during this time of year. By staying vigilant, you can prepare to safely travel across icy patches, or re-plan your route to avoid them altogether.

Focus On Footwear

Building off of what we mentioned above, having the right footwear can also help to avoid injury in treacherous travel conditions. Before investing in a pair of winter boots this season, check to make sure they have the following:

  • Proper traction to avoid slipping on icy/uneven surfaces.

  • Insulation to keep your feet warm.

  • Waterproof materials to keep your feet dry.

  • Neat and tidy stitching sp the boots don’t fall apart.

  • A tight and comfortable fit.

Dress Dry And Warm

Your feet are not the only part of your body that needs to be protected from the elements this winter. Conditions such as frostbite and hypothermia can take place if you leave yourself exposed to the cold. You also need to remember that staying warm is only one part of the equation. Keeping dry is just as important. A failure to do so is one of the fastest ways to see your body temperature drop.  Make sure to wear lots of layers topped off with a waterproof jacket to stay out of harm’s way.

Implore Proper Shoveling Techniques

Shoveling is something that cannot be avoided once the snow starts to fall this winter. Skipping out on this activity can cause your sidewalks and driveways to ice over, making them extremely hazardous for travel. To prevent injury while doing this activity, a PT offering physical therapy in Bethpage may suggest the following tips:

  • Warm-up beforehand.

  • Lift with your legs, not your back.

  • Never put too much snow on your shovel at once.

  • Don’t twist your entire body.

  • Stay hydrated.

Schedule An Appointment For Physical Therapy In Bethpage

No matter how many precautions are taken, injuries can still happen at any time.  The team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East knows this, which is why we offer physical therapy in Bethpage year-round. Coming in for an appointment with us can help heal your injury and avoid recurring issues so you can focus on enjoying the winter season!

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we offer quality care to any patient that is in need.  No matter what the injury or when it takes place, our staff of specialists will work to provide a specific recovery plan for you so that optimal results can be had.  If you’re looking to receive physical therapy in Bethpage, contact us today!

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Avoiding Knee Injuries This Basketball Season

As a basketball player, you are familiar with the risk the game poses for your knees. Superstar careers can be cut short due to these types of injuries, such as the case with former Los Angeles Laker player Andrew Bynum. However, knee injuries are not limited to NBA players. They can happen to anyone, and ruin an entire season. If you’ve suffered a knee injury and are hoping to avoid missing extended time, be sure to contact our team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East. You can schedule an appointment for physical therapy in Bethpage that will get you back on the court with your teammates before significant time has passed.

Common Knee Injuries

Due to the nature of the sport, basketball players are constantly at the risk for knee injuries. With sharp cuts and sprinting back and forth across the hardwood floor, the knees are subject to exorbitant amounts of pressure. These two joints are essential to the running and jumping required to excel at this sport, putting them right in harm’s way. Some of the common knee injuries associated with basketball season include:

  • Dislocations.

  • Fractures.

  • Ligament Sprains.

  • Ligament Tears.

  • Knee Strains.

Best Ways To Prevent Knee Injuries

Few things are worse than watching your once-promising season fade away due to injury. The team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East does not want this to happen to you. By following the advice we have laid out below, you can help prevent the risk of a disastrous injury occurring:

  • Wear The Right Shoes: With all the sharp cuts, jumping and running involved in the game of basketball, having a great pair of shoes is imperative. Before stepping onto the court, you want to have a well-fitting pair of shoes that offers proper support.

  • Stay In Basketball Shape:  Trying to compete in any sport when you are out of shape is the perfect recipe for injury.  If your knee has not been properly conditioned for the rigors of the game, you leave yourself vulnerable to injury.

  • Always Warm-Up: You should never start a game or practice while you are still cold. By performing a few dynamic stretches and going for a light jog, you’ll get your muscles ready for the exertion that’s about to take place. Muscles and joints that are ready to compete are far less likely to become injured.

  • Invest In a Knee Brace: Just like the right pair of shoes, wearing an athletic knee brace will ensure this joint is receiving the proper support throughout the game.  The brace will keep your knee stable and ready to function, leaving you with one less thing to worry about during the game.

  • Come In For Physical Therapy:  It is not uncommon for an athlete to suffer from nicks and bruises throughout the season. Letting an injury linger can lead to it worsening, meaning you’ll end up missing more time then you would have if you immediately went to a doctor. By coming into our facility and receiving physical therapy in Bethpage, you can get your knee back into game shape and avoid more serious issues down the line.

Farmingdale Physical Therapy East

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we want our patients to remain healthy and active during the entire basketball season.  When knee injuries pop up, no matter how minor, coming in for physical therapy near Bethpage can be the difference between a shot at the state championship and a season riddled with injuries.  You can always trust that you’ll be in great hands with our team, so make a point of visiting us today!

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How Can Strength Training Improve Your Speed

Have you been constantly trying to increase your speed to no avail? If so, it is time for a change in routine. Incorrect training methods do not yield results and may also cause injury. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, our team can let you in on the key to increasing your speed; strength training. Should you have been injured due to improper training, or would like to safely increase your strength, schedule a session for physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY today!

What is Strength Training?

Strength training involves doing exercises to increase the strength of your muscles.  Unlike aerobic training, this does not focus on your endurance, but rather on the amount of force your muscles can produce.  From free weights and weight machines to even bodyweight workouts such as pushups and jump squats, this form of training will fill out your muscles.  However, this is not the only benefit you can achieve from hitting the weights.

Speed And Strength Training

As an athlete, you may be under the impression that the only way to increase your speed is to only do the activity over and over again. Take running for example. The basic idea in your head may be that to get faster, you need to continue increasing the intensity of your running. However, doing this can lead to an injury and put you in need of physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Running is an aerobic exercise, and the muscles used during this activity do not get stronger solely through repetition. Increasing intensity before the muscles can handle this load is what causes injuries, which is why strength training is vital when looking to increase speed.

Strength Exercises That Will Increase Speed

Now that you understand why it’s necessary to partake in strength training, you’re probably wondering which exercises work best.  By coming in for physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY, you can learn about some great strength exercises to help improve your speed & quality of life.

As an athlete, you should never limit yourself to one form of training.  Being well-rounded in your approach can help you surpass your competition.  Increasing your speed is a great way to become elite at your sport, and trying to do this incorrectly may lead to injury.  Should this happen to you, don’t hesitate to contact us at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East so you can schedule an appointment for physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY  today!

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Avoiding Volleyball Injuries

For many athletes, the start of winter signifies the beginning of a new sports season.  Volleyball is one of the most popular winter sports, and with every new season comes new potential for injury. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we specialize in the care and well being of athletes. If you have suffered an injury while playing volleyball and are desperate to get back on the court, and are searching for physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY, contact us today to learn how we can help.

Volleyball Injuries:

Each year, over 460,000 high school students will participate in interscholastic volleyball. With participation and competitiveness increasing each year, the risk for injury has followed suit. When this happens, visiting our team for physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY can get you back to setting up spikes before the end of the season.  We can provide treatment for some of the most common volleyball injuries including the following:

  • Rotator Cuff Tendinitis.

  • Finger Injuries.

  • Ankle Sprains.

  • Patellar Tendinitis.

  • ACL Tears.

  • Lower Back Pain.

Ways To Prevent:

The unfortunate truth about injuries is that they can occur at random. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t take the steps to lessen the risk of one happening.  Below is some advice Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can offer to do just that:

  1. Maintain Proper Preparation: Like with any sport, before stepping on the court for a game you need to make sure you’re prepared for what’s to come. Give yourself ample time to warm-up before and cool-down after the game. Also, make sure you’re focused on hydration to replenish any liquids your body has lost.

  2. Wear The Necessary Equipment: Wearing knee pads will help protect the joint from the dives being made on the hardwood floors. Only wear shoes that offer strong ankle and arch support for proper shock absorption.

  3. Focus on Technique: Never forget that your coach makes you practice the proper technique for a reason. Not only does it allow for optimal athletic performance, but the improper technique can also lead to harm to the body.

  4. Plan For a Safe Return: Even if all precautions are taken and proper techniques are used, injuries can still happen. If you suffer from one, it is important not to rush back before you are fully healed. While the desire to get back with your team can make sitting on the bench tantalizing, returning too quickly can lead to re-injury or suffering one worse than before. Coming to us for physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY right after you sustain an injury is the best way to make a full recovery.

Visit Us For Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, NY:

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, our team is committed to helping you make a full recovery. Our qualified professionals will offer top-notch physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY to get you back on the volleyball court. We understand and appreciate your athletic drive and commitment to the game, so let us help you heal!

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Maintaining Your Health Over The Holiday Season

As the holiday season is now in full effect, many will use this as an excuse to indulge in some fairly unhealthy activities. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we understand that most athletes do not have that luxury. Even the slightest dip in your training can lead to an injury. Though physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY is a great treatment option, our team knows you want to stay competing and off the bench. That’s why we want to offer tips on how to stay healthy over the holiday season!

Eat Appropriately:

The holiday season plays host to some of the most festive and delicious foods. While you should by no means punish yourself by not enjoying these dishes, it is important not to overindulge. It takes your body several minutes to register the feeling of fullness after eating, so remember to take the time to savor the food while eating. Being almost monotonous in your approach to eating can help avoid overfilling yourself.


With colder temperatures, you may feel less thirsty after a game or workout.  However, just because you don’t feel as thirsty as you would when it’s hotter out, it doesn’t mean you haven’t lost liquids that need to be replenished. Eggnogg and alcoholic beverages are a staple of the holiday season, but make sure these are consumed in moderation.  Water accounts for 60% of your body’s total weight, so don’t rob it of what it needs to stay healthy!

Dress For Sucess(ful Workouts):

It doesn’t matter if your workout is taking place 100% outside, or you’re only exposing yourself to the elements while getting into the car to head to the gym; you need to dress appropriately for the weather.  Layering up to stay warm will help you to prevent injury.  However, what most people may forget is that it’s just as important to stay dry. Getting wet can be a workout killer as it will lower your body temperate and also put you at risk for hypothermia.

Stay Consistent with Workouts:

Remember to not be too hard on yourself this holiday season. People will often have one excessive meal and feel so bad about it that they’ll throw in the towel on staying healthy. One bad meal won’t ruin the work you’ve already been putting in for your body.  Keeping that in mind can be the motivational factor you need to get back to the gym after stuffing your face. Cheat meals are okay, but don’t let them stop you from exercising.

Visit Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, NY:

Even after proper precautionary methods are taken, injuries can occur. Our team knows that, but an injury doesn’t mean you need to be out for the whole season. Physical therapy is a fantastic way to rehab your injury and get you back to your physical peak.  We can offer state-of-the-art physical therapy services over this holiday season, so don’t delay when seeking treatment.

The holiday season is one of the most exciting times of the year. However, it can also be the perfect excuse to let working out slip through the cracks. Sustaining an injury can derail all the progress you’ve made and all the work you have administered. Going through physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY can help get you back to the action with minimal delay. Contact Farmingdale Physical Therapy East today and learn how we can alleviate your pain today!

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Preventing Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries

Now that winter has officially begun, it means rushing to the mountains to get the first run of the season. It is important to remember, however, that even the most advanced skiers and snowboarders can suffer brutal injuries. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we can perform physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY to help treat a variety of injuries related to winter sports. We want to keep you on the slopes and out of the lodge, so don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Potential for Injury:

Flying down the mountain can be a therapeutic experience for many thrill-seekers. Skiing and snowboarding can help clear your mind of the everyday stressors you face in life. Unfortunately, this activity can also lead to some devastating injuries. Always remember, when heading down the slopes you can put yourself at risk for:

  • Knee tears and sprains.

  • Lower leg strains and ruptures.

  • Upper extremity fractures.

Stay On The Mountain:

Nobody wants to miss out on their favorite activity due to injury, however, at times nothing can be done to prevent them. This is an unpleasant reality of life which can lead to the need for physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY. To keep you on the powder this winter, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can offer the below tips to help you stay healthy and safe:

  1. Make The Proper Preparations: Getting ready to ski or snowboard should be a year-round priority. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying in shape will help to prevent injuries. On the day of your run, remember to warm up, stay hydrated, and know the rules of the resort to properly mitigate the risk of injury.

  2. Ensure appropriate equipment: Be sure all protective gear is ready to go before getting onto the ski lift. Ensuring your equipment fits and is functioning properly will help to avoid risky situations as you make your descent down the mountain.

  3. Be aware of the environment: Never venture off the marked trails, as this will protect you from traveling into avalanche areas. Also, be sure to watch for patches of rocks or ice you may encounter.

  4. Prepare for injuries: Getting ahead of the potential injuries before they occur can prevent further damage from being inflicted. Always ski and snowboard with partners and stay in sight of one another. By staying prepared, immediate assistance can be given if necessary.

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, NY:

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we want to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We have the experience to provide treatment for any injury you have sustained. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury while skiing or snowboarding this winter, physical therapy may be a treatment option for you.

Few things in life can beat the adrenaline rush of rocketing down the mountain after the first snowfall of the year. You may be keen on the idea of rushing to the ski lift without making preparations, but this could leave you vulnerable to potential danger. The team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East wants to help you stay on the board and in your skis, so keep us in mind should an injury happen to you! Contact us today if you or someone you know is in search of physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY!

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Importance of an Effective Warm-Up and Cool-Down

No matter how much time and effort an athlete has spent training, the risk of sports-related injuries are always looming. After an injury has occurred, coming to Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can help get you back with your teammates and onto the field. We offer top-quality physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY which can be incorporated into your rehab plan. But what if you’re looking for ways to avoid injury altogether? The answer could be as simple as taking the time to warm-up and cool-down.

Why Warm-Up?

A proper warm-up is essential. Allowing yourself to undergo a thorough warm-up will increase the temperature and flexibility of the muscles, as well as increase the capabilities of the direct blood flow. This will prime your body to be in the optimal state for physical activity, which will hopefully reduce the risk of injury.  Below is some great advice Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can offer in terms of warming up the body:

  • The length of your warm-up period should be directly correlated to the intensity of the activity. A more grueling activity calls for a longer warm-up period.

  • A perfect way to warm-up is by doing the activity you’re getting ready for but at a slower pace. If you’re going for a run, take a slow or brisk walk for a warm-up.

  • Make sure every part of your body is engaged and moving to help support proper blood flow.

Cooling Down Is Just As Important

When you are driving down the street and are approaching a red light, you don’t wait until the last second to slam on the breaks, do you? This sudden stoppage of motion can be harmful to your vehicle. The same principle can be applied to your body. Much like a warm-up, the cool-down process is a crucial part of any physical activity. Because your heart rate and body temperature are in an increased state, stopping too abruptly can cause you to feel sick and in some severe cases even lead you to pass out. Tips to help avoid this and other potential injuries by going through a proper cool-down period are as follows:

  • Take a brisk or slow walk after exercising. This should be done for about 5 minutes, or until your heart rate falls below 120 beats per minute.

  • Performing a variety of stretches can also be beneficial. Be sure to hold each stretch for 10 to 30 seconds for an optimal cool-down.

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, NY

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, our team understands that injuries can happen at any time. Should you find yourself in this position, we can offer you physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY, to get you off the sidelines and back in the game. However, injury prevention tools are always the best form of treatment, and that is why we want to give you the necessary information to get the most out of your athletic escapades in a safe manner. No matter your age or level of competition, taking the time to properly warm-up and cool-down can make all the difference. If you have suffered an injury, or want to learn more about the importance of an effective warm-up and cool-down, contact us today!

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Avoiding Slips and Falls this Winter

Slipping on an icy surface is a common cause of injury during the cold winter months. Whether it’s the hidden ice on your front steps, sidewalk, or driveway, the possibilities of you tumbling down are endless. Falling can lead to broken bones, sprains, strains, and bruises. Ideally, we all wish that by the time we step outside, the snow will be shoveled. However, sometimes we can’t wait that long so we have to brace ourselves for the cold. Avoiding ice is easier said than done, but you can prevent yourself from falling through physical therapy. At Farmingdale PT East, we recommend these tips for dealing with the hazards of the winter season:

Wear Proper Footwear

Sometimes you may need to leave the house even when the weather conditions are not ideal, and the best way to help protect yourself is by wearing the appropriate foot gear. Wear boots with rough texture at the bottom for traction to reduce your risk of falling. Avoid boots with heels at the bottom, because you’ll want to walk on the flattest surface possible.

Be Alert

Avoid falls by looking carefully at the ground. Ice can be tricky to spot, but if you stay alert, you might be able to spot a few patches. Sometimes dew or fog in the morning can impair your vision and mobility. If you’re walking with someone else make sure you warn them as well. Also, try to avoid easy distractions like texting on your phone.

Reduce your Load

The more things you carry, the more you put yourself at risk for falling. Keep your arms and hands empty for stabilization. If you need to carry things, keep them in a backpack or a bag that easily straps around your body.

Use Support

Don’t be shy to grab onto handrails or even a person standing closest to you. Whenever there is an object you can grab on to, use it! Try grabbing onto your car when moving in and out of your vehicle.

Physical Therapy

There are several exercises you can do with your physical therapist that can help improve your balance, increase flexibility, and strengthen your muscles. Physical therapists can talk to you about therapeutic methods that are specifically designed for you. Staying physically active is critical when it comes to preventing falls.

Farmingdale PT East- Helping You Prevent Injuries This Winter Season

In the event that you or a loved one have suffered from an injury, consider seeing a physical therapist at Farmingdale PT East. Not only do our physical therapists help you prevent injuries, but they can also heal shoulder pains, back pain, hip injuries, and other injuries caused by falling. Contact us today!

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Physical Therapy for Achilles Tendon Injuries

Physical Therapy near Bethpage

Physical Therapy for Achilles Tendon Injuries

Have you been experiencing pain in the back of your foot? Depending upon the severity of this pain, you might have a tear in your Achilles tendon, which is a band of tissue that connects the heel bone and calf muscles. If you require treatment, contact Farmingdale Physical Therapy East for some of the best physical therapy near Bethpage. Tears inside your Achilles tendon are painful and can create complications such as swelling in the feet or impaired movement. The tendon can stretch because of forceful jumping or abrupt accelerations between jogging or running.

Some symptoms include sudden sharp pain in the back of the calf or ankle, a popping sensation inside the heel, swelling between the calf and heel, and difficulty walking or raising feet. So how can you relieve pain? Whether you’re looking for surgical or nonsurgical treatments, physical therapy can help you recover during the healing process. If you are in search of physical therapy near Bethpage, contact Farmingdale Physical Therapy East today! Below are some ways physical therapy can relieve pain caused by a tear in your Achilles tendon.

Physical Therapy Exercises

Stretching and flexibility exercises can help your tendon heal without causing long-term pain. These exercises can make sure you regain the strength you’ve lost while your tendon was healing. A physical therapist will make sure you do your stretches and exercises using the correct technique so that you don’t aggravate the tendon. Stretching your calf might be the most important way to keep your Achilles healthy because it keeps the muscles loose so that the tendon absorbs more force.

Massage Therapy

Physical therapists will apply pressure and massage the calf and tendon for pain relief. Although there may be an initial discomfort for the first one or two minutes, massages often yield long-term pain relief. Torn tendons usually need some sort of stimulation so that the fluids in the tissues can repair. Massages also stimulate blood flow and prevent further injury.

Heat/Cold Therapy

Icing the tendon can reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. Heat can also reduce pain as well as improve blood circulation, which can speed up the healing process.

Compression Therapy

Your physical therapist might suggest you wear a cast or heel cups so you can take the pressure off the tendon. Wrapping up the foot or calf can reduce swelling and pain.

Physical Therapy near Bethpage

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we understand that a tear in your Achilles tendon can be painful. Our specialists can answer all of your questions about physical therapy and Achilles tendon treatments. That’s why we want you to receive physical therapy near Bethpage with our specialists so that you can be on the path to recovery. Call us today to book an appointment or visit our website to learn more about our treatments!

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