Raising Concussion Awareness

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury typically caused by a blow to the head.  Concussions are incredibly common with there being around 3 million sports or recreation-related concussions reported each year.  However, it is also found that about half of all concussions go undiagnosed or untreated. It is very important to get seen by a doctor if you believe you have suffered a hit to your head or believe you may have sustained a concussion to prevent any further damage from occurring.  Concussions are traumatic brain injuries and need to be taken seriously and proper treatment is critical.

Symptoms & Causes:

Concussions are most often caused by a blow to the head, but can also be caused by intense jolting or shaking of the head.  Concussions are most often suffered while playing a sport, engaging in physical activity, or from a traffic accident, but you can get one at any point even from your everyday activities: all it takes is for there to be a mild trauma to the head.  Here are some symptoms to look out for if you think you could have a concussion:

  • Headache

  • Confusion, memory loss, or feeling dazed

  • Temporary loss of consciousness

  • Dizziness

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Ringing in the ears

  • Fatigue

  • Slow responses to questions

  • Slurred speech

  • Sensitivity to light or noise

  • Trouble concentrating

Some symptoms occur immediately and others might not appear until hours or even days after the concussion is sustained.  The severity of the symptoms can also depend on the severity of the concussion. Symptoms can last for days, weeks, or even longer if untreated.


Concussions are a traumatic injury and can have a tremendous impact on the well-being of your brain.  Luckily, there are several preventative measures that can be taken to help lessen the risk of sustaining a concussion:

  • Wear protective gear when playing sports or any recreational activity – All protective gear should fit properly, be worn correctly, and game rules should always be followed.  Protective gear such as helmets are important to protect your head when playing sports and engaging in recreational activities.

  • Wear your seat belt – You can prevent concussions resulting from traffic accidents by wearing your seat belt properly.

  • Watch your children – Watch your children when they are playing outside or inside and look for potential hazards where they could hit their heads.

  • Make your home safe – Make sure your home is well-lit and remove any obstacles or items that could cause you to trip and fall or anything that hangs too low.

  • Exercise – Building up strength and improving balance can help lessen the risk of falling and hitting your head.

What to do if you have a Concussion:

If you feel as though you may have sustained a concussion or suffered a blow to your head, be sure to visit a doctor as soon as possible.  Treatment is critical to help prevent permanent damage to the brain.

The physical therapists at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can not only help you improve on your balance and help you build up strength to prevent the potential of sustaining a concussion, but also help you when it comes to treating your concussion.  Physical therapy can be very effective when healing from a concussion, whether it’s mild or severe, by working to improve your symptoms and help you get back to where you were before sustaining a concussion.  Contact us for more information on how we can help you.

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How to Begin an Exercise Routine

If you are in the process of beginning an exercise routine and are seeking physical therapy near Bethpage, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East offers fitness evaluations to assess your current physical status.  This can help us to determine what your body is capable of, so we can then decide what types of exercises are best suited for your body and your physical ability and goals you wish to achieve.

Exercise is defined as an activity that requires physical effort to improve one’s health. It can be very difficult to try and get into an exercise routine if you are not already in one. Everyone’s exercise routine is going to be different from each other because some exercises are more effective for some people compared to others. Therefore, here are the five key steps of an exercise routine:

  • Assess your fitness level

  • Design your fitness program

  • Assemble your equipment

  • Get started

  • Monitor your progress

If you are looking for help with starting an exercise routine, learn more about our expert physical therapy near Bethpage. Farmingdale Physical Therapy East will put you on the track for success!

Benefits of an Exercise Routine

There are a lot of benefits that come from an exercise routine. These benefits include:

  • Feel happier

  • Manage weight loss

  • Strengthens muscles and increases bone density

  • Increase energy levels

  • Reduce risk of contracting a chronic disease

  • Benefits skin health

  • Help brain health and memory

  • Promotes relaxation and better sleep

  • Reduces chronic pain

If you are trying to improve any of these things, then starting an exercise routine may be your solution. Looking for quality physical therapy near Bethpage that can help you with your exercise routine? If so, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is the place for you!

What can happen if I neglect exercise?

With exercise not being apart of your daily routine, it can result in many negative health effects. Exercise is crucial for the growth and maintenance of the body. Some negative health effects that could come from not exercising are:

  • Premature death

  • Depression

  • Weak bones

  • Greater risk of chronic disease

We know life can get in the way, but remaining active every day can result in an increase in long-term quality of life!  If you are stumped on beginning your first exercise or are revisiting after a long hiatus, get in touch with our physical therapy near Bethpage to get a better understanding of your current fitness level!

Contact Us

Exercising can increase your life expectancy as well as other great benefits. If you are looking to start or improve your exercise routine, learn more about our physical therapy near Bethpage by visiting our website. Booking an appointment with Farmingdale Physical Therapy East will be a life-changing decision you wish you made earlier!

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The Importance of Ergonomics

Unfortunately, the workplace can be quite hazardous, and there can be fatal injuries that occur. Ergonomics is considered to be the study between the environment, safety, and efficiency of workers at the workplace. This is essential to the success of the business because if their employees are not treated properly then they won’t feel comfortable and reach their maximum potential. This is also important for employees because this affects their well-being and safety. If you are looking for physical therapy near Bethpage that can help you with your workplace injuries, then Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is the place for you!

Benefits of Ergonomics

Ergonomics impacts the safety and productivity of workers, which can result in the success or downfall of a company. There are various benefits that can come from ergonomics, for the company and the workers. Some of the benefits of ergonomics are:

  • Reduces costs

  • Improves productivity

  • Improves quality

  • Improves employee engagement

  • Creates a better safety culture

Ergonomics can help the growth of a business, simply by making sure that your employees are healthy and taken care of. If the company is unable to keep its employees safe, then it can destroy the company.  Our expert physical therapy near Bethpage specializes in workplace injuries and strives to help you live a more comfortable life in and out of the office.

Ways to Improve your Ergonomics

Although it does vary depending on your profession, there are some ways that everyone can improve their ergonomics. Some of these ways are:

  • Adjust your chair throughout the day.

  • Have the monitor 16-29 inches away from your head, and position your eyes to view the top third of the screen.

  • Tilt the keyboard so your arms are straight.

  • Sit up straight and make sure your lower back has support.

  • Arrange your desk to your comfort style.

  • Avoid holding the phone on your neck.

If you are looking for other ways to improve your ergonomics, get in touch with our physical therapy near Bethpage. Farmingdale Physical Therapy East offers many different services, including specializing in workplace injuries. Following these tips can benefit you outside of the workplace as well. The health benefits will seep into your everyday life if you follow the tips correctly.

Physical Therapy near Bethpage

Ergonomics is not only important for your productivity at work, but if you have poor ergonomics it can negatively impact you in everyday life. If you want to stay healthy and productive, book an appointment with Farmingdale Physical Therapy East. We offer Physical Therapy near Bethpage!  Take the first step towards living a more comfortable life at work and at home by contacting us today!

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Physical Therapy for Hip Pain

Overview: The Hip

The hip is the grandest ball-and-socket joint in the body, and with size comes strength. This strong joint is where the femur connects to the acetabulum (socket). Cartilage is located between the connection of the two bones and prevents the bones from contacting one another. When contact does occur, pain is experienced. Although the hip is a very strong part of the body, it is not unbreakable. Whether it be old age, falling, or another injury, physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY, at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, has all the right tools to ease your hip pain. If your hip is irritated, here are some possibilities of what can be leading to your discomfort:

Causes of Hip Discomfort

Hip pain can cause or be caused by lower back discomfort, groin soreness, outer thigh injury, and other interconnected injuries. To avoid this group of irritations, learn about these causes that are possibly initiating your pain:

  • Arthritis: Arthritis comes in many shapes/ sizes and may be the root enforcer of your pain. Common arthritis conditions that can be causing your hip pain are Osteoarthritis (the deterioration of joints), Rheumatoid arthritis (joint disease causing inflammation), and Septic arthritis (joint infection). 

  • Injuries: Injuries to the hip can be devastating. These injuries include but are not limited to, hip dislocation, hip fracture, hip sprains, and hip tendinitis.

  • Pinched nerves: A pinched nerve is when pressure is substantial on the bone, cartilage, tissue, or muscles. Ordinary pinched nerves that induce hip pain include:

  1. Meralgia paresthetica: Pain, tingling, and blazing sensation of the outer thigh.

  2. Sacroiliitis: Inflammation to the joint connecting the lower spine to the pelvis (sacroiliac joint).

  3. Sciatica: Typically irritating one side of the body, sciatica refers to the discomfort of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve runs on both sides of the body and networks from the lower back, across to the hips and buttocks, and throughout each leg. 

When to see a Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is central to recovering from hip complications. Our expert physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY uses state-of-the-art rehabilitation techniques to land patients back to comfort. Central on movement treatment and mobility testing, physical therapy is a recommended path to recovery when:

  • Hip appears deformed

  • Hip is inflamed

  • Sudden swelling occurs

  • Inability to stand without discomfort

  • Pain when walking/moving

  • Surgical procedures are done

Hip injuries may require surgery to fix the problem. Your doctor may require physical therapy before or after the procedure, which is an integral step to a successful surgery. Physical therapy following surgery will allow your procedure to heal correctly and teach all the moving parts within your hips how to get back to normal. 

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, NY

Choosing Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is a progressive decision. Our experienced staff will run through a range of tests measuring your mobility, range of motion, and functional ability. Once diagnosed, goals will be set in place along with a comprehensive personal plan of action to get you back on the road to a pain-free life. Our physicians will work one-on-one with you to make sure you are given the highest quality of rehabilitation and ensure that your time spent on treatment will only yield a better you. Invest in a future that is pain-free, by booking an appointment online or calling our office at (516) 293-0565. Don’t live in the darkness with hip pain any longer, join Farmingdale Physical therapy East, “Where the Sun Rises.”  Contact us if you are seeking physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY today.

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Baseball Injuries

On the East Coast, spring and summer mean one thing to a lot of people; baseball season. For competitive players, this means practice, doubleheaders, tournaments, and workouts. This intensive schedule that is very common for baseball players presents a likely chance for injury. Baseball injuries are not uncommon, and in many cases, can cause severe pain. If you have recently been injured on the baseball diamond and are now seeking physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East has designed programs for sports-related injuries.

Common Baseball Injuries; Causes and Symptoms

Baseball players are susceptible to the typical bumps and bruises that many other sports cause, but there are also some baseball injuries that separate themselves from other sports. The constant stress baseball players put on their arms, typically the shoulder and elbow bring muscle and joint fatigue. Fatigue is a common precursor to injury and may lead to the following:

  • Rotator cuff tears: The rotator cuff is a combination of four tendons that network around the top of the shoulder bone. This injury is common in pitchers, as the tendons break down over time, resulting in a tear. Symptoms include pain while laying down, pain with certain arm movements, and the inability to carry heavy objects. Our expert physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY is highly trained in treating various shoulder injuries.

  • ACL and MCL tears: The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and the Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) are two major ligaments that allow the knee to function properly. These ligaments are put in harm’s way when running the bases, pursuing the baseball on defense, or any time you make sudden stops in the running process. These injuries are extremely painful, which is the number one symptom. Other symptoms include the inability to walk, swelling on the knee, and a loud “pop” when the injury occurs.

  • UCL Sprain: Located in the elbow in the Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL). When players overthrow, overwork, or do not warm up properly, it is not uncommon the UCL is injured. Players may be able to diagnose their injury when the inner elbow is in pain throughout the throwing motion, but it is recommended to see a physical therapist in Farmingdale, NY, for a professional diagnosis.

How to Prevent Baseball-Related Injuries

When playing in the hot sun throughout the summer, water is your best friend. Lack of water can leave you dizzy, confused, and fatigued. Fatigue is a baseball player’s number one enemy. When you are fatigued, your body tends to cut corners and not perform naturally, causing injury. Some common ways to prevent injuries include:

  • Stretch properly: An adequate amount of stretching will loosen the muscles that may be in harm’s way while playing baseball. Lack of stretching leads to muscle and ligament injuries because these parts of the body are not warmed-up for gameplay.

  • Take note of your body: There is a difference between injury and soreness. You should learn your body and be able to locate when something is sore or when something is injured. Typically, if soreness lasts a few days after inception, scheduling an appointment with a physical therapist in Farmingdale, NY, is the way to go.

  • Charge the body: Hydration and fueling the body with proper nutrients is crucial to performance and injury prevention. When your body is adequately fueled, it will perform in the healthy ways it is used to, rather than when it is fatigued. Read these ways to keep the body ready to perform.

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, NY

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we realize sports injuries can be a dark time for athletes. That is why we strive to be “where the sun rises.” Our mission is to improve the health of our patients through state-of-the-art physical therapy and rehabilitation services. We will strive to get you back to excellence in your respected sport, through an ethically driven protocol, while advocating for your health. To invest in your future as a healthier player, book an appointment online or call (516) 293-0565.

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Physical Therapy Post ACL Surgery

Have you recently suffered from an ACL injury? Our experienced team here at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is here to provide quality physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY.  Contact us today to receive the proper care that your body needs.

What is an ACL Injury? 

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a vital ligament located in the knee. The ACL is responsible for connecting the tibia to the femur and also works to prevent hyperextensions in the knee. If you are subject to a torn ACL, bearing weight will be extremely challenging and painful. In most cases, an injury to the ACL will require surgery because of the ligaments’ considerable purpose in the knee.

In pursuance of getting back to full range of motion and regularly walking again, physical therapy is integral, following surgery. If you are postoperative from ACL surgery and in need of physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East values clinical excellence in aiding our patients. Click here to read our mission.

ACL Physical Therapy Goals

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we care for ACL rehabilitation with great intention. We realize that athletes are extremely subject to this injury and take pride in returning them to their respective sports with the ability they once had, if not better. Due to the sheer magnitude of this injury, physical therapy will be a process where patience is required. With that being said, our expert physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY, has specific goals to ensure small steps forward in a celebratory return.

Short term goals (1-8 weeks)

  • Reduce swelling

  • Increase range of motion

  • Repair muscle strength to stabilize the ACL

  • Walking without a limp

Long term goals (7-16 weeks)

  • Fully eliminate swelling

  • Fully restore leg function

  • Reach a normal range of motion

  • Mobility without pain

Suggested Exercises Once Fully Healed

Once our dedicated staff gets you back on your feet and clears you, the work does not stop, it indeed starts. This injury yields a long sedentary period (a span of inactivity) and in order to prevent re-injury, the rest of the body must be restrengthened. Here are suggested post ACL physical therapy exercises:

  • Agility ladder drills: Will aid in regaining quickness, explosiveness, and coordination.

  • Hip strengthening: Will help prevent hip abduction when engaging in specific physical rotations and landing positions.

  • Core robustation/stabilization: A strong core allows every other muscle to work easier. If the core is not strengthened you will be susceptible to lower back pain, which puts more stress on the ACL.

  • Cutting and Pivoting drills: The ACL is instrumental when your body wants to make quick stops, cuts, and pivots. These drills will improve your knees reaction to unexpected tension when making these movements.

Our physical therapists will be able to determine the right activities to aid in your recovery.

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, NY

Built on a code of excellence, ethics, and advocacy, we aim to raise our patients’ quality of life and heighten their volume to sustain career goals by relieving their pain and restoring their physical purpose. Our team, who provide quality physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY, will work diligently to stay updated on the latest ways that technology can help in the ACL recovery process.  To receive world-class treatment alongside a team who will work tirelessly to reach the results you as a patient want and need, call (516) 295-0565.

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Swimming Exercises

Are you interested in incorporating swimming exercises into your daily routine?  Have you suffered a recent injury due to swimming? Our expert team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East are highly trained in treating injuries of all kinds.  No matter what kind of athlete you are, we know how to treat your injuries. Similarly, our physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY, can supply you with proper swimming exercise routines.  These routines will allow you to stay fit and recover from your previous injury as well as prevent another from occurring.  Contact us today if you are interested in our services.

Why Choose Swimming? 

Many times, exercising after an injury can put additional strain on your body and worsen your injury. Swimming is one of the best low-impact exercises.People usually see swimming as a fun, relaxing activity to do in the summer, but it can provide so much more than that. If you are wondering if swimming is right for you, visit or book an appointment at Farmingdale PT East for our expert physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY.

Swimming has excellent benefits that help with joint and muscle pain greatly. Some advantages are:

  • Water therapy uses liquid resistance to increase muscle strength

  • Water resistance allows breeze of movement while decreasing injury

  • Water buoyancy reduces impact and stress

  • Water presses injured areas, which reduces swelling and improves muscle and joint motion

Physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY, at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East will be able to determine which exercises are right for your bodily condition. In many cases, swimming is a great way to stay active without causing further pain due to a previous injury or chronic condition.

Some exercises you can do to relieve the pain are:

  • Water walking or jogging

  • Water lunges

  • Arm exercises

  • Hip kickers

  • Many people also use training aids, such as kickboards, to help you get more from your swim session without creating more pain

There are so many other swimming exercises that will treat an injury. Visit our physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY to learn more about the best swimming exercises post-injury.

Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, NY

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we believe swimming is a great way to relieve the pain of an injury and supplement your current physical therapy regimen. Swimming exercises are safer and provide less strain on your muscles and joints. Book an appointment today to learn more today!

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Patellar Tendonitis

Have you recently suffered from a knee injury and are seeking physical therapy near Bethpage? Our expert team at Farmingdale PT East is here to help you.

Patellar tendonitis is a common injury, especially in athletes. It is understood as the soreness of the patella, the tendon that attaches your kneecap, and the tibia, or your shinbone. Patellar tendonitis can occur to anyone, but especially those who play basketball and volleyball, where they also call it jumper’s knee.

It is estimated that 14.4% of recreational volleyball players and around 40-50% of professional volleyball players are said to have patellar tendonitis. If you or someone you know is experiencing patellar tendonitis, contact our physical therapy near Bethpage today to seek the help you need.

What Causes Patellar Tendonitis?  

Patellar tendonitis can occur for many reasons. Some factors to this injury could be:

  • Repetitive stress on the knee, usually from overuse in sports

  • Hard playing surfaces

  • Improper footwear

  • Obesity

  • Misaligned feet

Usually, with patellar tendonitis, you experience pain and tenderness at the base of your kneecap. You may also encounter swelling and a burning feeling in your knee cap. Kneeling and getting up can be very painful with this injury. It may not be as painful in the beginning, but as time progresses, the pain will become worse and interfere with your daily activities, if not treated. If you are undergoing any of these symptoms, book an appointment today with our physical therapy near Bethpage, at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East.

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we can help handle your patellar tendonitis and develop a treatment plan to help gradually restore movement as the tendon heals. We also provide strengthening and stretching exercises to do at home to prevent future injuries. Our highly trained staff does a great job at effectively evaluating your needs and coming up with a strategy on how to tackle it.

Physical Therapy near Bethpage 

Going to physical therapy near Bethpage at Farmingdale PT East is a great way to treat your injury without the use of unnecessary medications or invasive surgeries. It is a safer option to help you get back in the game! Did you know you had direct access to physical therapy in New York State? You can begin physical therapy treatment immediately for an injury without obtaining a referral. Call or request an appointment today at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East to help easily treat the pain from patellar tendonitis.

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How Can I Improve My Running Workout?

Are you in search of physical therapy near Bethpage? Get in touch with our expert team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East to recover from your recent running injury.

It is important to stay in shape and workout to achieve a healthy lifestyle. After an injury, it can sometimes be hard to get back into a workout routine or even know what workouts would suffice for you. For example, many people who ran before an injury have a hard time getting back into running post-injury. Running is an essential activity that will keep you fit and healthy, even after going through such a trauma. Visiting our physical therapy near Bethpage at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is a great way to help you ease into a running routine post-injury and help you get back to your fit self!

Ways to Improve Your Running

If you are looking for ways to improve your running, here are some tips:

  • Run with a purpose- set goals, this will help increase your performance. It is easier to run when you are running towards something.

  • Run with someone- running with a friend or a partner will push you when you might be tempted to slow down or stop.

  • Pace yourself- start out running short intervals that are not too fast. Each time you run go a little longer and a little faster. You do not want to hurt yourself by aiming too high.

  • Get strong- especially after an injury, your muscles are weak. It is important to strength train to help you tolerate a greater capacity of running.

If you need help with any of these tips, visit our physical therapy near Bethpage, such as Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, to help with all your post-injury running needs.

Physical Therapy near Bethpage

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we offer great post-discharge exercise/fitness services from a well-trained staff of physical therapists. We do a comprehensive job when evaluating your needs and providing you with help on ways to improve your running workout routine post-injury. Our physical therapists will help restore and improve your motion, which will prevent injury and get you back into your running habits.

Visit our physical therapy near Bethpage today to help enhance your running workout and get you back to being healthy!

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Common Swimming Injuries

Whether it’s swimming laps, aqua jogging, or doing Zumba in the water, swimming is always a great way to stay fit and have fun. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we can provide our patients with helpful tips to avoid swimming injuries this summer! In addition, should you suffer an injury and live in the Long Island area, contact our staff for physical therapy near Bethpage.

Before getting into the negative aspects, here are some positive factors and benefits that come from exercising in the pool:

  • Burns calories

  • Builds bone mass

  • Improves flexibility

  • Improves strength

  • Enhances muscle definition

  • Helps with stress relief

  • Increases blood flow

What Are Some Potential Swimming Injuries?

While there are numerous positive effects of swimming on the body, as with any form of physical activity, an injury may occur. If you think that you may have incurred an injury while swimming, or want to learn more about the benefits of swimming, contact our staff for injury treatment through physical therapy near Bethpage.

For a listing of some of the most common swimming injuries, please refer to the following:

  • Neck and lower back pain.

  • Rotator cuff tendinitis or tears.

  • Stress on the knees.

  • Shoulder Inflammation/Irritation.

To ensure that you aren’t making your condition worse, it’s vital to treat irritation or pain the moment that you feel it. If you or someone you know has experienced these symptoms as a result of swimming, contact our staff for physical therapy near Bethpage.

How could Farmingdale Physical Therapy East Help?

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, a physical therapist will work with you to both treat your pain and stop it from recurring. Whether you are an athlete or swim recreationally, partaking in the sport comes with a risk. We can help treat sports injuries and will work with you to create a personalized plan designed to help get your body to where it needs to be for you to feel your absolute best. Here at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we know how frustrating it can be to feel pain while doing everyday activities, and we will work with you to alleviate that pain as quickly as possible. Visit our website and request an appointment with us today!

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