The Core Of Your Back Pain

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If you suffer from persistent back pain, you’ve likely heard that core strength can bring you some relief. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we offer physical therapy near Bethpage to help patients improve their core strength, overcome back pain, and maintain healthy and active lifestyles. Continue reading to discover how a strong core can help reduce your back pain. 

The Core Of Your Back Pain

When people think about the core of the body, they picture the abdominal muscles or “six-pack” right below the ribs. While your abdominal muscles are an essential part of your core, all areas of the core are just as important. If the muscles around your back are weak, your body relies on other structures for stability, including the ligaments and spinal discs. Excess pressure on these structures can contribute to pain. The core acts as the center of your body, so it needs to be strong to support your entire body. Physical therapy near Bethpage can help you add core strengthening to your exercise routine to help protect your back and neck and overcome back pain. Some of the benefits you can experience from strengthening your core include:

  • Improved Posture – When your entire core is strong, it helps you keep your body upright with good posture. Good posture and a strong core can help prevent irritating back and neck pain. 
  • Improved Balance – A solid core helps create equilibrium in the body. When you have a solid base, you can stay upright much easier and have balance throughout your entire being. 
  • Increased Stability – Weak trunk and spine muscles can cause you to feel unsteady throughout your daily life. A sturdy core helps stabilize your trunk as you navigate your daily activities. Weak core muscles increase your risk of injuries, poor posture, and back pain. 
  • Reduced Pain – A strong core can significantly improve your quality of life. Improved back support can reduce pain and help you move around easily. 

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Core strength is fundamental to your overall health. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we can help create a physical therapy near Bethpage program to help you achieve strength and stability. We’ll help you get to the core of your back pain to keep you healthy and mobile as you age. Be sure to contact us today to learn more and request an appointment!

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