Physical Therapy After A Workplace Injury

Physical Therapy Near Bethpage, NY

Getting hurt as a result of your occupation can be extremely difficult to handle. If you’ve suffered an injury such as a shoulder injury or knee injury, your first call should be to us here at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East. Our professionals are well versed in the typical workplace injuries and can administer the physical therapy near Bethpage, NY, needed to make a full recovery. For more information regarding this, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Common Workplace Injuries 

Nobody expects to have to deal with an injury at the workplace. However, for many, this is precisely what can take place. The longer you wait to seek out care in this scenario, the longer you’ll spend time being injured and unable to do your job. While rest will play an essential role in your recovery, so will physical therapy near Bethpage, NY. If you suffer from any of the below common workplace injuries, we’ll be there to help:

  • Bone breaks, dislocations, and fractures.
  • Muscle strains and tears.
  • Ligament sprains and tears.
  • Slip and fall injuries.
  • Blunt trauma injuries.

What Is Physical Therapy Near Bethpage, NY?

Patients who have never suffered a workplace injury before are probably wondering how physical therapy near Bethpage, NY, can help them. For those who fall into this category, we have the answer. Physical therapy incorporates therapeutic stretches and strengthening exercises into a healing program to restore damaged tissues in the affected area. These activities improve strength, increase flexibility, regain strength, and eliminate pain at the injury site so you can make a full recovery.    

How Long Will You Need To Miss Work?

Our team recommends not heading back to work until you have fully recovered from your injury. And depending on its severity, the healing timeline can vary. However, in almost all cases, you will need to expect to come to more than just one session of physical therapy near Bethpage, NY, to correct the problem. In most cases, patients who come in for multiple sessions a week for 3 to 4 weeks find the best results. It can also take longer than this to recover, so make sure you are prepared for this length.

Schedule An Appointment

When you suffer a work injury, make sure you choose a team you can trust for treatment. Here at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we’re happy to help. For more information regarding our physical therapy near Bethpage, NY, contact us today.

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