Knee Pain In The Winter

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Winter brings about plenty of outdoor fun, but cold weather can make your knee pain more symptomatic. Farmingdale Physical Therapy East offers orthopedic rehabilitation in Farmingdale NY to help you recover from any knee pain or injury and keep your body healthy for the winter season. Continue reading to discover more about knee pain in the winter.  

Knee Pain In The Winter

Long Island is in the middle of the cold winter season. As many of us know, this season can burden people with significant orthopedic challenges. Winter activities can lead to even more knee pain and injuries for many individuals with knee problems. When it comes to knee pain in the winter, several factors can contribute to your increased symptoms, including:

  • Humidity and Cold – People with arthritis are well aware of cold weather-related joint pain. Cold, damp days are more likely to affect your joints and cause pain. 
  • Inactivity – People tend to be less active during the winter months. The less you move your knee joint, the more likely they are to become stiff and deteriorate. 
  • Barometric Pressure – Cold temperatures cause a drop in air pressure, causing the fluids and gas in your joints to expand. This can press on surrounding nerves and cause pain in the knee joint. Cold weather can also shrink joint tissue, causing them to pull on the nerve endings and lead to pain. 
  • Thickening of Joint Fluid – The joints are full of fluid that enable friction-free movement and provide cushioning. Cold weather causes the joint fluid to thicken, leading to stiffness and pain as you move your knee joints. 
  • Nerve Sensitivity – When temperatures drop, it can make your pain receptors more sensitive. Nerves can become more sensitive as your circulation decreases. 

Orthopedic rehabilitation in Farmingdale NY is an effective way to address knee pain caused by these factors. Our orthopedic experts can work with you to create a personalized exercise program that will help to strengthen the muscles around the knee, improve flexibility, and reduce inflammation.

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If you’re experiencing increased knee pain this winter, you should consider orthopedic rehabilitation in Farmingdale NY. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, our experts will evaluate your knee pain and determine the best course of action to provide relief. Contact our office today to keep winter knee pain at bay!

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