Preventing Falls At Home

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As you get older, fall prevention becomes an important topic to consider. Falls become more likely as you age as a result of health conditions and physical changes. Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent falls in the home and protect yourself. Our physical therapist in Farmingdale, NY at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East will work with you to craft a fall prevention program you can implement at home to keep yourself safe and healthy long-term. Continue reading to discover how you can prevent falls at home. 

Preventing Falls at Home

Falling is one of the most common causes of injury among seniors, especially those with limited mobility. By taking steps to prevent falls in the home, you can help protect yourself and stay healthy. Here are some ways to prevent falls at home recommended by our physical therapist in Farmingdale, NY:

  • Make sure your home has good lighting, especially in hallways and stairwells. Place night lights in areas where you may walk at night.
  • Install grab bars near the toilet, tub, or shower to help prevent falls when getting in and out of these areas. Our physical therapist may also recommend assistive devices like a cane or walker to help keep you steady on your feet. 
  • Do not leave objects in pathways. Make sure you can reach items from the floor without having to stretch or bend down too far.
  • Secure area rugs with non-slip backing firmly on the floor and place rubber mats near doorways for extra traction.
  • Wear comfortable, supportive shoes with low heels and rubber soles. Avoid walking in socks and stockings, as they can easily slip on hard surfaces.
  • Consider taking a fall prevention class or a home safety assessment to identify other hazards in your home that may be contributing to falls.

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Following these simple tips can reduce your risk of falling and enjoy a safer home environment. Prioritizing fall prevention can help you keep yourself safe and independent for years to come. Our physical therapist in Farmingdale, NY will evaluate your home’s safety and help you implement fall prevention and protection. To learn more about preventing falls at home, contact Farmingdale Physical Therapy East and request an appointment today! 

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