The Importance of Geriatric Physical Therapy

Geriatric Physical Therapy near Bethpage

Physical therapy is beneficial to people of all ages but can be especially helpful for seniors. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we offer geriatric physical therapy near Bethpage to help seniors retain independence and improve their general mobility and health. Continue reading to discover more about the importance of geriatric physical therapy. 

Benefits of Geriatric Physical Therapy

The process of aging can bring forth several changes to a senior’s physical condition. Decreased flexibility and muscle strength can make daily tasks more challenging and keep seniors from leading active lifestyles. For many seniors, geriatric physical therapy near Bethpage can treat some of the natural issues associated with aging, such as improving balance, managing pain, and increasing endurance and muscle strength. Here are some of the benefits patients can experience with physical therapy:

  • Fall Reduction – Falls are the leading cause of injuries among seniors. Unfortunately, once a fall has occurred, seniors are at a higher risk for falls in the future. Physical therapy can help seniors prevent additional falls by helping them maintain stability and showing them balance techniques. 
  • Chronic Pain Management – Many senior patients experience chronic pain from conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis. Physical therapy can help preserve joint function and strength to offset future symptoms. Our physical therapists can design a program that reduces their discomfort for those already suffering from arthritis symptoms. 
  • Decreased Risk of Injury – When muscle strength and flexibility deteriorate, it can increase the likelihood of injury. Physical therapy exercises can help seniors maintain stability and keep their posture strong. 
  • Independence – The more active seniors are, the better. Taking part in geriatric physical therapy near Bethpage will help you stay physically fit and strong so they can complete everyday tasks on their own and maintain a healthy weight. 

Many people believe that physical therapy is only beneficial after an injury, but this is not the case. Our team of physical therapists will figure out the best ways to prevent an injury before it occurs, inform patients of their limits, and monitor their progress throughout their physical therapy journey. With the help of our team, our senior patients can safely maintain their physical health. 

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At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we offer geriatric physical therapy near Bethpage to help seniors restore independence and lead healthy lifestyles. Our highly skilled team will design a physical therapy program based on their individual goals and provide hands-on care from beginning to end. If you or a loved one is looking to experience the benefits of senior physical therapy, be sure to contact our team today!

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