Auto Accidents, How Can PT Help?

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Auto Accidents, How Can PT Help?

Millions of Americans are affected by automobile accidents and visit the emergency room with related injuries every day. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of physical injury. Although some injuries can be considered common or minor, it’s important that you always follow up. With physical therapy being one of the best ways to do so. Depending on the injury and level of severity, trauma can develop and lead to additional problems in the future, if action isn’t taken. Physical therapy is one of the more popular treatment methods for car accident-related injuries. It’s critical to seek early treatment though, as conditions and discomfort may continue and intensify over time. For years, the team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East has treated various motor-vehicle-related injuries. Utilizing unique techniques and treatment, physical therapy near Bethpage has provided quality service to those suffering from injury and trauma. Physical therapy offers numerous benefits for those in discomfort– Farmingdale Physical Therapy wants to lead you to a speedy recovery!

Common Auto-Accident Related Injuries:

There are numerous types of injuries one can experience in an automobile accident. Some injuries can range from minor to fatal. The most common injuries individuals experience tend to involve the head and back. Based on the level and location of impact, the severity of injury varies from person-to-person. Nonetheless, certain areas are susceptible to specific symptoms.

If you or someone you know has experienced any form of the following trauma, look into physical therapy near Bethpage

  • Head

    • Concussions, dizziness, headaches, and skull fractures

  • Neck

    • Herniated disk, whiplash, and strained muscles

  • Back

    • Sprain or strained back muscles

  • Limb

    • Inflammation to arm and leg muscles, nerves, and joints


Should I Make An Appointment After A Car Accident?

Despite the level of injury, it is always mindful to be cautious and seek professional advisement. Symptoms may appear that were not initially evident and can gradually worsen over time. The longer you wait to seek treatment the more severe and long-term the effects can become. If you or someone you know has been in a car accident recently, visiting physical therapy near Bethpage can only help. There are multiple reasons to seek treatment as soon as possible:

  • Whiplash is an extremely common injury and will worsen without treatment

  • Avoid long-term pain, migraines, and discomfort

  • There may be concealed injuries you have yet to notice


How Can Physical Therapy Near Bethpage Help?

Visiting our office for physical therapy in Bethpage will connect you with a specialized and caring team who will lead you on the road to recovery. Physical therapy helps to minimize symptoms, improve flexibility and strength making recovery quick. We provide a number of services that promote blood, oxygen, and nutrient flow to the damaged site to reinforce healing. Each of our stretches and exercises is specifically designed to better mobility and function. Our physical therapists will create a specialized plan for your specific auto injury. It is important to note that physical therapy helps to avoid surgery by strengthening weakened muscles. With our attention and strategic care, we help patients who have suffered motor vehicle accident related injuries recover as quickly as possible!


If you or someone you know has recently gotten into a car accident, schedule an appointment with Farmingdale Physical Therapy East! Visit our website, for more information about our services including physical therapy near Bethpage.

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