Fall Injuries on the Rise in Older Adults

It is unpleasant and embarrassing to experience a slip and fall. To admit that you momentarily lost your balance and ended up on the floor can be frightening and quite humiliating. With this in mind, it is essential to understand that falling once and refusing to tell anyone only increases your chances of falling again. It is truly common in society, especially for senior citizens, to slip and fall. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the dangers of falling and learn how to avoid them.

The annual death rate among people sixty-five years of age and older who have taken an unintentional fall has steadily been on the rise over the past decade. Consequently, it now the leading cause of death in the demographic. According to a recent publication of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report,  America’s senior citizens fell 29 million times in 2014. Of those 29 million falls, 7 million injuries were reported. The most common results from the fall were fractured or broken bones, external and internal bruising, and back, neck, and head trauma. Overall, nearly 27,000 of those injuries resulted in death.

While the number of deaths caused by unintentional falls in the country’s elderly population is expected to rise with the rate of people aging every day, there are steps that can be taken by the members of this demographic to make falls happen less often. Keep in mind, when a fall occurs, it will should still be taken seriously. Steps to reduce your chance of falling include talking with your doctor about your specific risk factors, exercising regularly to improve your balance, and modifying your home so that it is well-lit, free of throw rugs, and other obstructions. Lastly, installing balance rails around the living space of your home will make everyday activities easier and safer to complete.

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, our highly qualified staff will continuously monitor your progress so that you will feel secure in your ability to balance. Contact us today to see what services we provide that can keep you from an unintentional fall in the future. We look forward to hearing from you!

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