Low Back Treatment in Farmingdale

Lower back pain is among the most common ailments facing the American public.  It can manifest in a range of severities, from a mild annoyance to a debilitating, limiting condition. Back pain can originate in the muscles, the spine, or even as a result of nerve issues. Commonly, the treatment for lower back pain includes the prescription of pain medications to alleviate the symptoms; however, this route does not always effectively treat the causes of pain. Physical therapy, in contrast, aims to treat the underlying causes of lower back pain, and does not come with the risk of dependency on dangerous medications. Farmingdale Physical Therapy East will help you to get some relief from this frustrating condition.

Lower back pain can be treated by a variety of different physical therapy treatments and strategies. The two main approaches are passive and active physical therapy treatment, and each has several different techniques that can be used to aid your lower back pain:

Passive physical therapy treatments include:

  • Heat or cold therapy

  • Electrical stimulation therapy

  • Ultrasound treatment

Active physical therapy treatments include:

  • Stretching for back muscles

  • Strengthening exercises

  • Low-impact conditioning exercises

Farmingdale Physical Therapy East’s team of physical therapists will help you to recover from your lower back pain through these (and other) healthy methods of treatment. Without the use of pain medications, you can get relief and stop living in pain from your condition. Though lower back pain is common, that does not mean it should be left untreated, especially if your lower back pain affects your daily quality of life. Don’t continue living in pain, or treating the symptoms of your pain without treating the causes. Contact us today at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East to make an appointment and start your recovery!

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