Physical Therapy For Muscle Weakness

Muscle weakness is a blanket term for a condition that can arise from a vast variety of different causes and disorders. It is a common problem and the definition can be confusing, as it encompasses a variety of related, but separate and different feelings. Some examples include feeling tired, noticeably reduced strength in physical situations, and even a failure to make your muscles tense at all. Here at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we will help you discover the root cause of your muscle tension and alleviate your specific symptoms.

One of the different manifestations of muscle weakness is “primary” or a true reduction of the strength capacity of a muscle. Some symptoms of this type of muscle weakness include reduced bulkiness and noticeable softening or “floppiness.” This can stem from a few conditions such as muscular dystrophy, or as the result of a stroke, among other causes.

Another, more common, manifestation of muscle weakness is fatigue. In this case, muscles do not have a strictly lessened strength but instead grow tired and exhausted more quickly, requiring rest and taking longer to recover. This could be caused by more generalized issues such as vitamin deficiencies, or, very rarely, nerve disorders. Our team at Farmingdale PT East knows how to treat various causes of muscle weakness. Even diseases without cures can see a lessening and improvement of symptoms through physical therapy.

Muscle weakness should not be taken lightly, ignored, or overlooked. If you are experiencing unusual weakness, floppiness, or fatigue, seek medical help to return quickly to proper health. Most causes of muscle weakness are not chronic or serious, even disorders without a cure benefit greatly from the strengthening benefits that physical therapy offers. Contact Farmingdale Physical Therapy East today so that we may help you combat muscle weakness.

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