Avoiding Slips And Falls This Winter

Winter is in full swing, and ice, snow, and slick conditions come with it. During the winter months, slips and falls are frequent accidents thanks to the dangerous conditions outside. While most winter falls result only in minor injuries and a bruised ego, we often see patients who suffer more severe winter injuries. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we offer direct access to physical therapy to help you prepare and work to prevent winter injury. Continue reading to learn more!

Avoiding Slips and Falls

Most of us have witnessed someone take a spill on slippery winter ground or may have experienced a fall ourselves. Your risk of slipping and falling increases dramatically during the winter months. The best way to combat winter slips and falls is to prevent them from happening. Here are some helpful tips for avoiding nasty winter slips and falls:

  • Take shorter, smaller steps when walking in slippery conditions. If grass or snow is available, it’s best to walk on these textured surfaces instead of slippery walkways. 
  • Wearing shoes that provide traction on ice and snow is essential to keep your feet and ankles stable. 
  • Make sure to remove snow from your steps, driveway, and sidewalk before it turns to ice. Apply ice melt to walkways to prevent the formation of icy patches. 
  • Avoid carrying items so your hands are free to move for stabilization. 
  • Keep a sharp eye out for black ice patches. 

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Facing the winter elements can be a difficult task, but exercising caution and preparing for your winter outing can help you avoid slips and falls. Here at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, our team offers direct access to physical therapy to patients that have experienced an injury from a winter slip and fall. To learn more tips for winter fall prevention or schedule an appointment, be sure to contact us today! 

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