Can You Still Walk With A Torn Knee Ligament?

Knee injuries are all too common among older adults and high-performance athletes alike. A sudden twist, stop, or blow to the knee can tear a ligament, which can be detrimental for quality of life. An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear can destabilize the knee and cause months of pain and recovery. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we offer physical therapy near Bethpage to help patients recover from a torn knee ligament. Continue reading to learn more.

Can You Walk With A Torn Knee Ligament?

The ACL is a critical ligament in the knee that provides stability and helps prevent excessive movement that could lead to injury. If you’re dealing with an ACL tear, the first sign you will notice is pain. Many patients report a popping sound or sensation at the onset of the injury. You can also experience:

  • Rapid swelling. 
  • Loss of range of motion and mobility. 
  • Inability to bear weight on the knee. 
  • Knee buckling. 

The most important thing you should do after an ACL injury is get off your knee. You may be able to walk on it immediately after, but it can be excruciating. It’s crucial to seek treatment and physical therapy near Bethpage as soon as possible to ensure a safe and smooth recovery.  

Treating A Torn Knee Ligament

If you have torn your ACL, physical therapy may be recommended to help you regain normal mobility in your knee. Our team will collect information about your condition during your first appointment to help devise the appropriate treatment plan. Components of a physical therapy near Bethpage plan after an ACL tear can include:

  • Pain Management – Your physical therapist will utilize different treatment techniques to decrease your knee pain and improve your symptoms. 
  • Strengthening Exercises – The muscles in your quadriceps, hamstrings, and hip muscles can lose strength after an ACL tear. Our team will have you perform controlled strengthening exercises to restore strength in these areas. 
  • Range of Motion Exercises – Pain and swelling in the knee after an ACL tear can limit your normal range of motion. Various flexibility and range of motion exercises may be recommended to improve and normalize your knee mobility. 

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If you have suffered a torn knee ligament, our team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is here to help. We work closely with our patients throughout their recovery to get them back to optimal activity and function. Be sure to contact our team today to schedule an appointment for physical therapy near Bethpage.

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