Why Is It Important To Stay Active During The Holidays?

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Staying active during the holidays is always a challenge. Between decorating, family gatherings, and last-minute shopping trips, your workout schedule tends to get tossed to the wayside. If you’re having trouble finding the most effective workouts to fit into your busy schedule, physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY may be right for you! Our team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal fitness goals, even during the busy holiday season. Continue reading to learn more. 

Why Is It Important To Stay Active During The Holidays?

It’s tempting to take a break from working out during the holidays with the promise to start again after the New Year. However, when you stop exercising regularly, de-training occurs within a few weeks. Even if your schedule is full, it’s crucial to implement some type of activity into your daily routine. Here are some reasons why you should stay active during the holidays:

  • Exercise improves your mood – The holidays can take a toll on your mental health. Working out can help enhance your mood and help you manage the stress of the season. 
  • Staying active burns calories – Many people’s favorite part of the holiday season is the food. Exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight and burn calories, even after indulging in a holiday feast. Even taking a brisk walk after a meal can help. During physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY, we’ll show you practical, calorie-burning workouts that can be performed anywhere. 
  • Exercise is fun – Not all activities have to revolve around the gym. A game of football, horseshoes, ice skating, or sledding with your guests can provide laughs and exercise. 
  • Quality time with family – You can turn movement into a family tradition. Instead of lounging on the couch watching a movie, you can get outside with the family and go for a walk, or play a game together. 

Making an effort to move throughout the holiday season can seem like another task to add to your growing to-do list, but it can help you feel better and prevent added stress later on. 

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Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is here to help you stay active during the busy holiday season and into the new year. With physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY, our team can outline a structured workout routine so you can prioritize the demands of the upcoming holiday season. Contact our team today to learn more! 

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