Bursitis is a bothersome condition in which the bursa experiences inflammation and becomes irritated, usually due to repetitive movement of the area. The bursa itself is a sac filled with lubricating liquid and it’s located between tissues. Its primary purpose is to decrease different types of discomfort, such as irritation or other ailments. In some cases, bursitis can also be caused by a significant and sudden injury. Those at an older age are also at a higher risk of developing bursitis. Tendons weaken with age and can potentially tear with much less force than they would if they were sturdier. If you’re suffering from bursitis and are looking to treat the problem with physical therapy in Farmingdale, consider scheduling with Farmingdale Physical Therapy East. Some effective therapeutic methods for treating bursitis can include the following:


Elbow Bursitis

Bursitis in the elbow is one of the most common areas for the condition to affect. It can be highly discomforting, especially for those who constantly move their elbows for household activities such as shoveling and gardening. An excellent way to treat this persistent problem is through carefully crafted stretching routines. Your physical therapist will develop a personalized plan for your condition and help assist you on your road to recovery.


Hip Bursitis

Perhaps even more distressing than the elbow, hip bursitis can be awfully strenuous to manage. Stretching would be another effective technique for treating the problem, but some physical therapists may suggest utilizing strengthening exercises instead. This can help strengthen your core area and possibly prevent the bursitis from cropping up again in the future. Since we use our hips everyday for regular movement, preventing the condition is imperative.


Shoulder Bursitis

Your Farmingdale physical therapist may suggest using shoulder specific workouts in order to combat your shoulder bursitis. These workouts can include techniques such as posterior stretching, overhead stretching, and shoulder rotation. After an extensive evaluation recommended exercise techniques will be suggested to the patient.

If you have elbow bursitis and are seeking physical therapy in Farmingdale to treat your condition, be sure to contact Farmingdale Physical Therapy East for all consultations and appointments.

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