Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

The yearly challenge presented to each of us during the winter season is attempting to stay healthy during the holidays. With the copious amounts of food being administered and the impending buckets of snowfall, this can be a rather laborious task. However, if you want to remain active during this challenging time of year but are unsure how to do so safely, you may consider obtaining physical therapy in Farmingdale at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East. Physical therapy is seen as an outstanding approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are recovering from an injury or are interested in overall wellness, we can provide safe workout routines that are done indoors, shielding you from the freezing temperatures. Your physical therapist may also develop personalized healthy eating habits in order to fight through those hefty holiday meals. Another important aspect to remember is tolerating stress during the holidays. There can be plenty of pressure on us during this time of year to provide gifts and other essentials for our loved ones. Your physical therapist can also suggest methods for coping with stress and other healthy living tips.

Recommended Workout Routines

Naturally, outdoor activity can be difficult when attempting to brave the frigid elements of the winter months. But making the choice to put your workout routines on hold for the duration of this time is definitely not seen as a viable option either. Instead, focus on indoor exercises that you can do at home.These exercises can include tasks that don’t include weights, such as push-ups or sit-ups. Perhaps you can even follow a routine that coincides with your TV watching, such as doing jumping jacks during every commercial break. Consider working with a physical therapist in Farmingdale in order to provide you with an individualized wellness plan.

Healthy Eating Tips

Perhaps the most sought-after item this season isn’t that gift you’ve been searching for. Instead, we’re more enthralled by what we’re putting on our dinner plates. Several of us tend to get drawn in by the food that only the holiday season can provide. This can forcibly give us an excuse to chow down and ignore healthy eating habits. Excess weight gain from the holidays can cause short-term and long-term issues, so be mindful of what you are consuming. Take a look at this article on from the American Heart Association on effective methods to stay healthy this holiday season.

Coping with Stress

It’s never easy to make the choices that are needed for the holiday season. Perhaps you can’t decide which gift to get for your spouse, or your holiday dinner plans are going awry. But it’s important to remember that stressing yourself out is never going to be a healthy option. Instead, discuss potential remedies and alleviations with your physical therapist through the use of life/stress related tips. Above all else, remind yourself that this is supposed to be an enjoyable time of year and focus on spending cherished time with your loved ones.

If you’re interested in pursuing physical therapy in Farmingdale, contact Farmingdale Physical Therapy East today for an appointment and consultation.

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