Keeping Knees Healthy and Strong

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The knees bear a significant amount of weight and are largely responsible for your ability to get around effectively. These complex joints contain a lot of moving parts that can become damaged from age-related wear and tear or an injury, so it’s essential to protect your knees and keep them healthy and strong. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we provide physical therapy near Bethpage. With preventative joint care, you can keep your knees in good shape. Continue reading to learn more about protecting your knee joints. 

Keeping Knees Healthy and Strong

We heavily rely on our knees every day as we walk, jump, run, or climb. As a result, these joints are vulnerable to pain and injuries. We provide physical therapy near Bethpage to help patients learn safe and effective tactics for keeping their knees healthy and strong. We will evaluate your condition and outline the appropriate program for your needs and capabilities. Here are some tips for keeping your knees healthy and strong:

  • Targeted Exercises –  Knee strengthening exercises do not directly affect the knee joint but strengthen the surrounding muscles. Strong leg muscles provide support for the knee joints and help alleviate pressure and strain on the joints. 
  • Regular Activity – Regular exercise helps maintain joint function in the knees and prevents stiffness. Staying active every day can protect your knees from future injury. 
  • Proper Footwear – Wearing comfortable, supportive shoes promotes proper alignment in your joints. If you struggle with knee pain, avoid high heels, as they increase the load placed on your knees. 
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight – Your weight puts stress on your knees every time you stand and walk. If you’re overweight, you are more likely to experience joint pain due to cartilage damage. Maintaining a healthy weight can preserve the strength of your knee joints. 

If you are experiencing joint pain, you shouldn’t suffer in silence and put off your treatment. We offer direct access physical therapy so that you can begin treatment without the need for a referral from a healthcare provider. 

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Our team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is committed to helping you achieve and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. With direct access physical therapy near Bethpage, NY, you can discover effective ways to optimize your physical health and wellness and protect yourself from future pain or injury. Be sure to contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment!

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