Fall Sports Injury Prevention

If you or someone you know participates in athletics during the fall season and has suffered from a sports-related injury, please contact us today! Our physical therapy near Bethpage at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is dedicated to helping athletes succeed at optimal performance.

Fall has come again which means all of our favorite sports are underway, football, soccer, and cross-country running are some of the most popular fall sports. These sports are also known for a plethora of common injuries that can leave athletes on the sidelines. Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, an experienced office of physical therapy near Bethpage, is here to help our fall athletes get healthy and stay healthy for their long and grueling regular season/postseason.

Common injuries for fall athletes:

Football is one of the most physical sports that any athlete can participate in, meaning that there are many injuries that can develop. Injuries that have most commonly been seen in football can include a few of the following:

  • Traumatic Knee injuries (ACL/Meniscus tears).

  • Concussions.

  • Turf Toe.

  • Muscle Overuse.

  • Shoulder Injuries.

Soccer isn’t quite as physical as football but the sport does entail some physical contact between players. Some common injuries associated with soccer include the following:

  • Ankle, Knee, and Calf Sprains.

  • The Fracturing of the Foot, Wrists, or Clavicle.

  • Concussions.

  • Muscle Tears.

Cross-Country is not a sport that leads to many injuries due to the lack of physicality, but the high volume of running and milage can cause wear and tear on muscles, joints, and tendons. The following injuries seen among cross country runners include:

  • Injuries to Bones due to Impact.

  • Tendonitis.

  • Stress Fractures.

  • Shin Splints.

  • Muscle Strains (hip flexor, calf, lower back).

Methods that help to prevent fall athletes from becoming injured:

Fortunately for coaches and players, there are plenty of techniques for athletes to make sure they stay healthy and away from the sidelines. Preventative measures are needed to ensure an athlete’s body is ready to withstand the physical demands of their sports. Some measures that can be taken by coaches and athletes include:

  • Preseason Training.

  • Conducting Preseason Evaluations of your Physical Condition.

  • Engaging in a Proper Warm-up and Cool-down before and after Exercise.

  • Stretching.

  • Staying Hydrated

  • Proper Diet to Ensure Proper Muscle Recovery.

How our physical therapy near Bethpage can help fall athletes

Physical therapy is not only an outstanding way to help nurse an injury back to full health, but it can also be used to prevent any injuries from developing. Our therapists will work alongside you to help you through the entirety of the recovery process by providing insights to patients. This can include information on how their injuries occurred, how they can recover from their injury, and how to prevent the same injury from occurring again. Contact us today for quality physical therapy near Bethpage!

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