Physical therapy for workplace injuries

physical therapy in Farmingdale

Workplace Injuries – Physical Therapy in Farmingdale

When an employee gets injured at work, it is essential that they receive the best treatment in order to return back to their previous state of health and back to work. The best plan of action for the injured employee to return to work promptly is through physical therapy in Farmingdale.

Common workplace injuries include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls

  • Muscle strains

  • Being hit by falling objects

  • Repetitive strain injury

  • Crashes and collisions

  • Cuts and lacerations

  • Inhaling toxic fumes

  • Exposure to loud noise

  • Walking into objects

  • Vehicle accidents, crashes, and collisions

  • Cuts and lacerations

  • Violent acts in the workplace

  • Machine entanglement


Physical therapy after a workplace injury helps:

  • Restore function and movement

  • Improve strength and conditioning

  • Reduce duration of the injury

  • Correct imbalances and improve work conditions

  • Prevent risk of future injury

  • Promote long-term health

  • Relieve pain

Physical therapy in Farmingdale is designed for both your immediate injury and long-term recovery. PT helps manage pain, helps patients avoid expensive surgeries and eliminates the need for prescription painkillers. A physical therapist is an expert in improving motion and mobility: Making improvements in these areas will help you get back on your feet.

Being out of work can be a stressful time for both you and your family. Receiving Physical therapy in Farmingdale at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is a place where you can set goals in order to keep yourself motivated. Even more importantly, physical therapy can help you return to work after getting injured.

Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is your first step in making the return back to work. Call and make your appointment today! (516) 293-0565

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