Physical Therapy In Farmingdale

John Dugan, a noted leader in the Long Island physical therapy community, and a lifelong member of Farmingdale, founded Farmingdale Physical Therapy East. We are dedicated to improving the health of our patients through state-of-art physical therapy and rehabilitation services. While at the same time, we are committed to helping the members of our community live their day-to-day lives feeling higher levels of physical comfort and strength than they ever have before.

If you are wondering how physical therapy could be helpful in treating your pain, let us assure you that by putting your faith in our team of highly qualified Farmingdale physical therapists, you will be putting yourself in a position to take advantage of a wide variety of benefits physical therapy has to offer.

Whether your pain stems from a pre-existing condition or an incidental injury, we are prepared to work with you to create a customized treatment plan that will include hands-on manual therapy, modalities, and strengthening exercises which will, depending on the nature of your pain or injury, benefit you in the following ways:

  • Gain muscle mass

  • Improve your endurance levels

  • Improve overall strength

  • Improve your balance and coordination

  • Loosen up your joints and muscle

  • Improve your mobility

  • Relieve your chronic joint or muscle pain

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, one of our specialties is assisting members of our Farmingdale community with preoperative and postoperative care so that whenever surgery is required in relieving your pain, we can prepare you to deal with the resulting trauma. By strengthening the supportive regions of the body prior to surgery, you will help optimize your recovery as well as reduce pain. Postoperative care is not only important for both recovery time and pain reduction, but for proper healing. Incorporating physical therapy into both your preoperative and postoperative treatment plan will help you to get past your surgery, efficiently and effectively.

If you are frustrated living with chronic pain, or are looking for help in recovering from an injury, and you live in or around the Farmingdale, New York area, contact us today to take the first step towards feeling better and stronger than ever before!

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