Preventing Injuries During Summer Sports

Summer, the warmest season of the year, means families gathering together to play outdoors, children signing up for sports teams, and neighbors jogging the roads of the community. During this time, it is important to take care of your body and prevent any possible injuries.

To begin, a few simple ways to avoid injuries include:

1.     Stretching, but instead, a dynamic stretch which includes skipping, jumping jacks, quick lunges, arm circles, and light jogging to increase flexibility and improve skills and performance for the next exercise.

2.     Hydrate. It is recommended to drink 7-10 ounces of water 20-30 minutes before participating in any physical therapy. During activity, if you find yourself feeling thirsty, be sure to take a break and drink more water. On the other hand, continue to hydrate after any physical activity.

3.     Be cautious of extreme heat exposures, this can also cause dehydration and a feeling of fatigue. Signs of too much heat are bright red skin, lack of sweating, and cold skin. In this scenario take a moment to find some shade.

As for biking, rock climbing, hiking, water skiing, white-water kayaking, follow these tips:

1.     Wear a helmet to protect yourself from any fall. By doing so, you can prevent receiving a concussion.

2.     Enjoy the activity but also be aware of your limitations. While at the same time, keep an eye on children who are also participating in the same sport.

3.     Stay alert and be cautious of your surroundings. For any new activities, be sure to observe the terrain and make note of any dangerous areas.

In case of any injury, or for support on preparing for summer activities, contact Farmingdale Physical Therapy. From the second any patient contacts us, we immediately commit to helping them recover. As qualified therapists with many years of post-graduate experience, we build trust and positive relationships with our patients. Aside from Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation we also offer post discharge exercise/ fitness services, well trained clinical support staff, flexible appointments, and multi-functional administrative staff.  We welcome you to contact us at (516) 293-0565. We are looking forward to answering any questions!

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