The Physical Demands of Rowing And How Physical Therapy Can Help


Originally practiced during Ancient Egyptian times, rowing is gradually becoming more popular as a sport and fitness activity in the United States. To participate in a race, the crews go out onto the water and pile into a boat. As the members strongly push against the water with their oars, the force allows them to move faster. While rowing, it is essential that the team is synchronized to help create perfect flow of movement. Additionally, team members must be consistent with their speed throughout the contest. Prior to the competition, the team players must train and practice in order to be energized and well planned for their challenge.


To be a successful rower, it is essential to be physically fit. A few examples for potential practice include aerobic endurance fitness, anaerobic fitness, or regular training. Aerobic fitness will help a rower maintain intensity throughout the competition whereas anaerobic will improve strength and power, which helps maintain high force when using the oars. On the other hand, typical training that includes planning specific goals will help all areas of rowing. A physical therapist can help with arrangement while providing advice on workout plans, stretches, and exercises.

Physical Therapy

The physical demands of rowing can be intense. For this reason, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East will train you for your fitness challenges or help you with recovery. Have you experienced an injury in the past but still want to proceed to row? If so, as educated physical therapists, we can help you progress and return to the boat. We are aware that this sport requires high intensity and a strong force to push against the water. Therefore, our plan to help improve your stability and strength, while working on squatting activities, techniques, and form, will definitely help you prepare and recover. From the instant our patients arrive, we commit to improving their lifestyle. When assigning a qualified physical therapist, we are positive that they will cope with you through a rehabilitation period. Our team is trustworthy and dedicated, therefore, you will leave the office more prepared than before! For more information, please call (516) 293-0565. We look forward to recovering your rowing skills!

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