How can PT relieve my arthritis pain?

Arthritis pain can make everyday activities feel painful and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, arthritis is a condition you have to live with, yet many treatments can help reduce your pain and improve your quality of life. One of those treatments being Physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY. Our team of skilled physical therapists at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can help you increase your mobility and reduce your arthritis pain!

What are the benefits of visiting a physical therapist for arthritis?

Physical therapy can be a helpful, non-invasive, treatment option for a variety of different conditions. It tends to be a popular choice for people suffering from arthritis pain. Though the goals and outcomes vary from patient to patient, there are a few ways that arthritis patients benefit from working with physical therapists:

  • Reducing stiffness in joints

    • Physical therapists work with patients to help reduce stiffness and increase flexibility without damaging the joints.

  • Preserving range of motion

    • An essential aspect of maintaining independence is increasing mobility, and strengthening the muscles near weak joints can help to provide support to areas that may have weakened due to arthritis.

What to expect when visiting physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY:

Our physical therapists will work with patients to develop an individualized plan that helps you meet your specific mobility and pain reduction goals. Common ways that physical therapists can help include:

  • Teaching you proper posture and body movements for use during daily activities that can reduce pain and improve functionality.

  • Showing you the proper way to use assisted devices, such as walkers and canes.

  • They are also able to recommend additional treatment options, for example, hot and cold therapy or braces and splints to relieve pressure on extremities.

Arthritis is a condition that often requires a multifaceted treatment approach. Luckily, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East offers individualized and personalized physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY and can help you to improve your quality of life when living with arthritis. Contact us today to learn how our team of skilled physical therapists can help you increase your mobility, retain your independence and reduce your arthritis pain.

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