How to Begin an Exercise Routine

If you are in the process of beginning an exercise routine and are seeking physical therapy near Bethpage, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East offers fitness evaluations to assess your current physical status.  This can help us to determine what your body is capable of, so we can then decide what types of exercises are best suited for your body and your physical ability and goals you wish to achieve.

Exercise is defined as an activity that requires physical effort to improve one’s health. It can be very difficult to try and get into an exercise routine if you are not already in one. Everyone’s exercise routine is going to be different from each other because some exercises are more effective for some people compared to others. Therefore, here are the five key steps of an exercise routine:

  • Assess your fitness level

  • Design your fitness program

  • Assemble your equipment

  • Get started

  • Monitor your progress

If you are looking for help with starting an exercise routine, learn more about our expert physical therapy near Bethpage. Farmingdale Physical Therapy East will put you on the track for success!

Benefits of an Exercise Routine

There are a lot of benefits that come from an exercise routine. These benefits include:

  • Feel happier

  • Manage weight loss

  • Strengthens muscles and increases bone density

  • Increase energy levels

  • Reduce risk of contracting a chronic disease

  • Benefits skin health

  • Help brain health and memory

  • Promotes relaxation and better sleep

  • Reduces chronic pain

If you are trying to improve any of these things, then starting an exercise routine may be your solution. Looking for quality physical therapy near Bethpage that can help you with your exercise routine? If so, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is the place for you!

What can happen if I neglect exercise?

With exercise not being apart of your daily routine, it can result in many negative health effects. Exercise is crucial for the growth and maintenance of the body. Some negative health effects that could come from not exercising are:

  • Premature death

  • Depression

  • Weak bones

  • Greater risk of chronic disease

We know life can get in the way, but remaining active every day can result in an increase in long-term quality of life!  If you are stumped on beginning your first exercise or are revisiting after a long hiatus, get in touch with our physical therapy near Bethpage to get a better understanding of your current fitness level!

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Exercising can increase your life expectancy as well as other great benefits. If you are looking to start or improve your exercise routine, learn more about our physical therapy near Bethpage by visiting our website. Booking an appointment with Farmingdale Physical Therapy East will be a life-changing decision you wish you made earlier!

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