The Importance of Ergonomics

Unfortunately, the workplace can be quite hazardous, and there can be fatal injuries that occur. Ergonomics is considered to be the study between the environment, safety, and efficiency of workers at the workplace. This is essential to the success of the business because if their employees are not treated properly then they won’t feel comfortable and reach their maximum potential. This is also important for employees because this affects their well-being and safety. If you are looking for physical therapy near Bethpage that can help you with your workplace injuries, then Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is the place for you!

Benefits of Ergonomics

Ergonomics impacts the safety and productivity of workers, which can result in the success or downfall of a company. There are various benefits that can come from ergonomics, for the company and the workers. Some of the benefits of ergonomics are:

  • Reduces costs

  • Improves productivity

  • Improves quality

  • Improves employee engagement

  • Creates a better safety culture

Ergonomics can help the growth of a business, simply by making sure that your employees are healthy and taken care of. If the company is unable to keep its employees safe, then it can destroy the company.  Our expert physical therapy near Bethpage specializes in workplace injuries and strives to help you live a more comfortable life in and out of the office.

Ways to Improve your Ergonomics

Although it does vary depending on your profession, there are some ways that everyone can improve their ergonomics. Some of these ways are:

  • Adjust your chair throughout the day.

  • Have the monitor 16-29 inches away from your head, and position your eyes to view the top third of the screen.

  • Tilt the keyboard so your arms are straight.

  • Sit up straight and make sure your lower back has support.

  • Arrange your desk to your comfort style.

  • Avoid holding the phone on your neck.

If you are looking for other ways to improve your ergonomics, get in touch with our physical therapy near Bethpage. Farmingdale Physical Therapy East offers many different services, including specializing in workplace injuries. Following these tips can benefit you outside of the workplace as well. The health benefits will seep into your everyday life if you follow the tips correctly.

Physical Therapy near Bethpage

Ergonomics is not only important for your productivity at work, but if you have poor ergonomics it can negatively impact you in everyday life. If you want to stay healthy and productive, book an appointment with Farmingdale Physical Therapy East. We offer Physical Therapy near Bethpage!  Take the first step towards living a more comfortable life at work and at home by contacting us today!

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