Maintaining Your Health Over The Holiday Season

As the holiday season is now in full effect, many will use this as an excuse to indulge in some fairly unhealthy activities. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we understand that most athletes do not have that luxury. Even the slightest dip in your training can lead to an injury. Though physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY is a great treatment option, our team knows you want to stay competing and off the bench. That’s why we want to offer tips on how to stay healthy over the holiday season!

Eat Appropriately:

The holiday season plays host to some of the most festive and delicious foods. While you should by no means punish yourself by not enjoying these dishes, it is important not to overindulge. It takes your body several minutes to register the feeling of fullness after eating, so remember to take the time to savor the food while eating. Being almost monotonous in your approach to eating can help avoid overfilling yourself.


With colder temperatures, you may feel less thirsty after a game or workout.  However, just because you don’t feel as thirsty as you would when it’s hotter out, it doesn’t mean you haven’t lost liquids that need to be replenished. Eggnogg and alcoholic beverages are a staple of the holiday season, but make sure these are consumed in moderation.  Water accounts for 60% of your body’s total weight, so don’t rob it of what it needs to stay healthy!

Dress For Sucess(ful Workouts):

It doesn’t matter if your workout is taking place 100% outside, or you’re only exposing yourself to the elements while getting into the car to head to the gym; you need to dress appropriately for the weather.  Layering up to stay warm will help you to prevent injury.  However, what most people may forget is that it’s just as important to stay dry. Getting wet can be a workout killer as it will lower your body temperate and also put you at risk for hypothermia.

Stay Consistent with Workouts:

Remember to not be too hard on yourself this holiday season. People will often have one excessive meal and feel so bad about it that they’ll throw in the towel on staying healthy. One bad meal won’t ruin the work you’ve already been putting in for your body.  Keeping that in mind can be the motivational factor you need to get back to the gym after stuffing your face. Cheat meals are okay, but don’t let them stop you from exercising.

Visit Physical Therapy in Farmingdale, NY:

Even after proper precautionary methods are taken, injuries can occur. Our team knows that, but an injury doesn’t mean you need to be out for the whole season. Physical therapy is a fantastic way to rehab your injury and get you back to your physical peak.  We can offer state-of-the-art physical therapy services over this holiday season, so don’t delay when seeking treatment.

The holiday season is one of the most exciting times of the year. However, it can also be the perfect excuse to let working out slip through the cracks. Sustaining an injury can derail all the progress you’ve made and all the work you have administered. Going through physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY can help get you back to the action with minimal delay. Contact Farmingdale Physical Therapy East today and learn how we can alleviate your pain today!

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