Physical Therapy After A Joint Replacement

Physical Therapy near Bethpage

As we age, it increases the likelihood of having to go through a joint replacement surgery. While you may think that the surgery alone will correct the issue you are dealing with, that would be a mistake. If you’re unable to heal correctly after your procedure, you may end up worse off than you were initially. Fortunately, our team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East will help with this situation by using our physical therapy near Bethpage. We’ll offer the sessions of physical therapy you need post joint replacement to help you fully recover.

Common Joint Replacements

Joints are parts of the body where two or more bones come together to allow for movement. When there is an issue in one of these areas, or they begin to wear down over time, it can lead to pain. Fortunately, one way to correct this problem is to have the joint replaced with an artificial one. Although it is invasive, most doctors will recommend this if the pain and discomfort is severe enough. Examples of the most common joints that can be replaced include:

  • Hip replacement.

  • Knee replacement.

  • Shoulder replacement.

Joint Replacement Surgery Complications

Much like with any other type of surgery, joint replacements come with their fair share of risks. A majority of the problems arise during the recovery process. Sessions of physical therapy work towards correcting any issues that can occur. However, if you fail to seek out this type of treatment, you may be faced with the below:

  • Development of scar tissue.

  • Limited strength and mobility.

  • Pain.

How Physical Therapy Near Bethpage Will Help

One of the things that makes physical therapy so beneficial is the number of problems it can help treat. Helping with a patient’s recovery following joint replacement surgery is just one of them. If you know you’ll be undergoing this type of surgery, we recommend scheduling a future appointment with our team. Doing so can bring about the below benefits in the affected area:

  • Restoring standard movement patterns.

  • Increasing strength in the surrounding area.

  • Reducing pain and swelling.

  • Helping with circulation to prevent blood clots.

Schedule Your Appointment – Physical Therapy near Bethpage

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we want to help keep all of our patients moving with physical therapy near Bethpage. We know that sometimes to accomplish this, joint replacement surgery is needed. We also know that physical therapy will be a crucial step in your recovery following this procedure. To schedule your first appointment following your operation, be sure to contact our team today!

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