Physical Therapy For Hamstring Injuries

Have you recently experienced a hamstring injury? If so, implementing a rehabilitation program immediately will reduce the risk of a lingering injury. To receive the best treatment around, consider coming to see our team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East. Our physical therapist in Farmingdale, NY, is well-versed in dealing with this type of injury, and will have you back on your feet in no time!

Symptoms Of A Hamstring Strain Or Tear

After suffering from a hamstring strain or tear, seeing our physical therapist in Farmingdale, NY, right away can help shorten the recovery process. However, our team understands that at times it can be hard to differentiate between a minor injury that will heal on its own, and one that will linger and worsen over time. This is why we’d like to share the common symptoms that signify professional help is necessary. When you begin to experience the below, it is time to schedule an appointment at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East:

  • Inability to straighten knee without pain.

  • Feelings of pain when running.

  • Pain in the back of the thigh or behind your knee.

  • Difficulty walking and using stairs.

Methods Our Physical Therapist In Farmingdale, NY, Can Perform

At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, our strength is in our staff. Our qualified and experienced staff will administer physical therapy after your hamstring injury to help you return to a healthy form. But what exactly does physical therapy encompass? The process of physical therapy contains numerous methods, all designed to aid in the healing process. Some of these methods may include:

  • Electric Stimulation: During this part of physical therapy, our physical therapist in Farmingdale, NY, will attach electrodes to your hamstrings that will send a series of controlled pulses. These pulses will stimulate your hamstring and increase blood flow to the muscle, helping it heal. Electrical stimulation will also help reteach the damaged hamstring on how to correctly contract.

  • Massage Therapy: After your hamstring is injured, this muscle can become very tense, resulting in large amounts of pain during movement. To combat this, our staff can perform massage therapy as part of your treatment regimen. Massage therapy will relieve tension and increase circulation in the area.

  • Exercises: This method is probably the first many people think of when they hear physical therapy. Through a series of stretches and strengthening exercises, you’ll eliminate any scar tissue that has formed as a result of the injury. Rest assured, our staff will walk you through how to safely perform each exercise before having you complete the exercise. They will also never have you do one that the injured area can’t handle. Examples of these exercises can include sitting hamstring stretches, hamstring curls, and hip extensions.

Contact our Expert Physical Therapist in Farmingdale, NY

Injuries that take place in areas of the body necessary for walking can greatly diminish your quality of life. Due to their nature, they can also linger and worsen over time if treatment is not delivered promptly. If you’ve recently suffered a hamstring injury, contact our team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East right away. Our physical therapist in Farmingdale, NY, will assess the severity of your injury, and create a thorough plan for treatment.

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