Common Ice Hockey Injuries

To excel at ice hockey, athletes are required to have a mix of high stamina, strength, and toughness. It is a challenging sport to take part in, which is something our team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East understands. A calling card of ice hockey players is a person who can go unaffected by injury.  However, this will do more harm than good for your long-term health. Our staff offers physical therapy near Bethpage, so you can properly rehab your injury and avoiding missing extended time away from the game.

Ice Hockey Injuries   

As a sport filled with fast and brutal hits, injuries can be inescapable at times. Even if you believe you can play through an injury, you must have it checked out by a professional before making any decisions. Staying on the ice can be detrimental to your long term health, as you may be at risk for re-injury. If you have suffered any of the below injuries, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can offer Bethpage physical therapy as a form of treatment:

  • Broken collarbone.

  • ACL and MCL injuries.

  • Muscle strains.

  • Shoulder dislocations.

Staying On The Ice

The team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East understands the desire an athlete feels to stay injury-free and with their team. That is why we’d like to offer the following tips for avoiding injury and staying on the ice:

  • Wear The Right Equipment: Making sure your skates fit tightly and offer proper support will help fight against ankle and leg injuries. Gloves, pads, and faceguards will also lessen the impact of blows hockey players are subject to each time they step on the ice.

  • Stay Conditioned Year-Round: Athletes should never come into a season out of shape.  Trying to perform at a top-level when your body is not ready for the rigor of the season is a perfect way to sustain an injury.

  • Warm-Up: Warming up before a game or practice is one final way to avoid injury. Raising your heart rate will increase the blood flow to and flexibility of your muscles, leading to better athletic performance.

Schedule An Appointment For Bethpage Physical Therapy:

After sustaining an injury during ice hockey, physical therapy can be a beneficial form of treatment. Our physical therapists will have you perform a variety of stretches and exercises to increase the strength and range of motion of the affected area. By turning to our team, you’ll be able to go through a comprehensive rehab program and return to the game fully healed. Don’t spend more time injured than necessary contact us today!

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