Poor Posture And Back Pain

Suffering From Back Pain?

If you suffer from lower back pain, you may have poor posture to blame.  Millions of Americans have office jobs that center around sitting at a desk all day, staring at a computer screen.  This combination is conducive to creating bad posture, which will result in a bad back. If you want help improving your posture and relieving your back pain, our physical therapists at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can create tailored exercise programs that will leave you feeling refreshed and pain-free!

How Good Posture Can Help

Good posture is extremely important in your quest for a better back.  With good posture and adequate back support, you will take a lot of strain off of your back.  Good posture is identified as forming a straight line from your earlobe all the way down to your middle ankle.  Our therapists can create customized programs that will focus on fixing your poor posture and relieving you of any pain. Here are some areas the programs will focus on:

  • Muscle strengthening.

  • Lower back and hamstring stretching exercises.

  • Tips to help you improve your posture at work.

Tips For Good Posture

Improving posture is not something that can happen overnight. However, with these tips you will be one step closer to improving your posture each day, thus putting you one step closer to a better back!:

  • Sitting up straight in your office chair to help support your back.

  • Exercising regularly.  Not only will this help strengthen your muscles to give you better back support, but less weight on your body means less stress on your back and abdomen muscles which cause bad posture and back pain.

  • Stepping away from your desk for about 20 minutes a day to minimize the strain on your spine from sitting for long periods of time.

  • Wearing well-supported shoes and practicing walking with good posture. This means walking with your chest slightly out, head straightforward, and shoulders aligned with the rest of your body.

It is extremely important to have good posture.  At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve overall health and wellness and believe that improving your posture is a great first step.  Contact us today to book an appointment!

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