Staying Healthy This Winter Sports Season

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During the winter, many of us will be participating in countless winter activities. Sports like ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding all allow us to have fun during the colder seasons and keep us all in shape. However, it’s important to practice safe habits this winter in order to stay as healthy as possible. Annually, there are over 246,000 people treated in hospitals related to winter-related incidents. This includes over 100,000 injuries related to snowboarding and skiing. If you’ve been injured this winter and need help in your recovery, a physical therapist in Farmingdale can make your rehabilitation process as quick as possible!

Avoiding Injuries

Changing some habits in order to avoid winter sports injuries is a lot easier than it may sound. These are steps that’ll keep you out of trouble:

  • Warm- up – since cold ligaments and muscles are more prone to injuries, a simple warm-up can do a lot of good and will help you avoid the chances of pulling or tearing any muscles.

  • Go in a group – whether it’s skiing or snowboarding, going in a group can reduce the chances of injury, and if you do get hurt, your party can help you immediately and get you to safety.

  • Take a lesson – if you’re not the strongest ice skater or skier, there’s no shame in taking a lesson or two in order to build confidence and skill in the area.

  • Wear protective equipment – a helmet or joint protectors will do a world of good if you get into an accident. Especially when skiing/snowboarding, where some type of protective gear.

Staying smart and healthy this winter can help you stay on the slopes and out of the hospital. Taking just a little time to properly prepare yourself before performing a winter activity will help prevent any accidents. If you’re the victim of a winter sports incident, a physical therapist in Farmingdale at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East will treat your injury and get you recovered quickly!

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