Choosing Proper Footwear In The Winter

Ever decide to take a brisk stroll through the winter sleet and slush? Only to be inevitably distressed by the seemingly endless amount of water seeping through to your socks? Trust us when we say we’ve encountered similar situations and that wet socks are never going to be a pleasant experience. But attempting to avoid the snow during the arduous winter season is typically futile despite our best efforts. Therefore, it’s imperative that we utilize proper footwear during this time of year to avoid any “cold feet” related complications. Your physical therapist in Farmingdale such as the professionals at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East may suggest incorporating the following tips when choosing to go out into the vast tundra of winter:


For the sake of safety, it’s important that we not only take wet feet into consideration but also traction and balance when choosing the right pairs of shoes/boots to wear. With the increased levels of ice coating your sidewalk and driveway, you need to give serious forethought towards remembering safety precautions. This includes footwear that will not allow you to slip and fall easily when meandering across the frozen ground. Slipping and falling can be highly dangerous and may even lead to serious injury. In addition to footwear, it’s also imperative that you stay aware of your surroundings. If possible, attempt to avoid crossing icy pathways altogether.


Following up on safety, remember to select footwear that will also be efficient in shielding your feet from the chilling temperatures. Work boots and other thick shoes can be highly effective in blocking water and slush from soaking its way to the soles of your feet. This impregnability will allow your feet to remain warm and dry, which can be much more comfortable. Freezing temperatures may put your feet and lower extremities at risk for getting frostbite and other winter-related complications. Remembering to dress warmly is perhaps the most important aspect of winter safety and comfort, as recommended by your physical therapist in Farmingdale at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East.


Finally, it’s recommended that in addition to your impenetrable boots that you follow them up with long and thick socks. These socks can provide added insulation and help your body heat keep your feet warm and comfortable. They will also adequately keep a high level of comfort for your boots, which tend to become uncomfortable when combined with short cutoff socks.


For more winter-related tips and inquiries, be sure to contact your physical therapist in Farmingdale at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East.

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