Prevent Slips and Falls on the Ice

The vast majority of us are mentally preparing for the copious amounts of ice that will undoubtedly be coating our sidewalks and driveways. Slipping and falling on ice is an annual winter related threat that frequently causes injury for several of its victims. Evading injury from falls is something that your physical therapist in Farmingdale, at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, will certainly recommend. Accomplishing this, however, can be easier said than done. With that being said, here are some winter related tips for dealing with those dangerous icy pathways:

  • Avoid The Ice – Naturally, removing yourself from contact with iced pavement entirely is easily the best solution to this particular problem. However, this can be nearly impossible for some people who simply can’t avoid traversing through the dangers of winter. Consider going in another direction or avoiding steep steps and stairways that have been covered with ice.

  • Footwear – If avoiding the ice is completely unattainable, your footwear would be the next best option. Shoes with strong traction should be able to reduce your risk of falling. Your physical therapist in Farmingdale can provide recommended footwear for the winter season. This may not only prevent slips and falls but could also give you other benefits.

  • Pay Close Attention – In an era where so many of us are constantly occupied by smartphones, tablets and other devices, concentration levels have taken a drastic hit. But this can be a major risk for winter wandering. If you don’t see the ice coming in your direction, your chances of falling are almost an utmost certainty. Your latest tweet about mom’s Christmas cookies can wait until you’re safely indoors!

  • Physical Therapy – In the event that you do inevitably slip and have suffered an injury of some sort, consider meeting your physical therapist in Farmingdale. Physical therapy can be an outstanding way of treating injuries caused by falls, such as shoulder pain, hip injuries, and lower back pain. Therapeutic methods can also improve balance and your coordination, which makes it less likely that you will slip.

Your physical therapist in Farmingdale at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can provide these and other unique tips for dealing with the stresses of the winter season! Contact us today for an appointment and consultation.


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