Benefits of Physical Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

Benefits of physical therapy

One of the more common foot ailments, plantar fasciitis is when the thick band of tissues that run across the bottom part of your feet begin to flare up, which creates inflammation. This band of tissue (plantar fascia) is connected to your heel bone and your toes. Plantar fasciitis can create a feeling of stabbing pain that will periodically crop up throughout the day. Typically, you will experience the pain when you first get on your feet in the morning, and it may reappear after long periods of standing. If you’re a runner or if you’re overweight, you may be put at a greater risk for plantar fasciitis. The disorder can be treated with surgery, but most physicians wouldn’t recommend you pursuing an operation to fix the problem. Instead, you may consider utilizing physical therapy in Farmingdale at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East to help ease your pain.

Treating a disorder such as plantar fasciitis customarily requires copious amounts of stretching to rectify the problem. Since symptoms routinely appear upon awakening, most physical therapists recommend performing these stretches before you even get out of bed. This can be beneficial for the patient since it tackles the problem at its strongest point and may potentially help you avoid experiencing any discomfort. Your physical therapist will suggest specialized stretches for halting the pain and treating your plantar fasciitis. The techniques may also increase flexibility, making it difficult for the ailment to occur a second time.


By getting physical therapy in Farmingdale at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, you will better manage your symptoms and treat the plantar fasciitis. But while the stretching techniques your physical therapist utilizes may be beneficial, there are other methods for treating the disorder as well. Your physical therapist may suggest incorporating the use of a nightly splint, which can help maintain good posture for the bottom part of the foot. In an effort to reduce stress, they may also advocate for the use of proper footwear. Poor footwear can be another catalyst for plantar fasciitis. Your physical therapist may recommend shoe inserts for the persistent problem as well. For dealing with the increased inflammation, applying an ice pack can ward off this issue.


If you’re experiencing plantar fasciitis and are looking for physical therapy in Farmingdale, contact the trained professionals at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East for further assistance and consultation.  

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