Proper Shoveling Techniques

With the imminent threat of winter vastly approaching, several of us are in need of making multiple preparations for the inevitable storms that lie ahead. But the real hazard could be what comes after the storm, the dreaded task of shoveling through your now buried driveway. Now while you could pay the neighborhood youngsters to engage in the arduous activity in your place, taking matters into your own hands may be the best option. If that’s the case, you need to inform yourself on the potential dangers that can occur from not utilizing proper technique while shoveling.

Poor technique while shoveling is one of the most common causes of back pain and other ailments that transpire during the winter season. Therefore, it’s imperative that you do what’s necessary in order to prevent yourself from experiencing strains and other potential complications. Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, your local physical therapy practice in Farmingdale, recommends that you keep these thoughts in mind when manually plowing through the snow:

  • Use the right shovel – it all begins with the tools, and using a sturdy shovel can make the entire process much more straightforward.

  • Don’t strain your lower back – curving your back to scoop out the heavy snow will almost certainly create an injury. Instead, bend your knees and squat straight down, then proceed to lift up with your legs. Your back shouldn’t even be involved throughout the entirety of the process.

  • Dress appropriately – some of us may feel that we can get away with light clothing while shoveling, due to the perspiration that can appear from such a strenuous workout. However, you’re still outside in freezing temperatures and will likely require layers of clothing in order to brave the elements. Wear boots so that snow/ice cannot seep into your shoes and come into contact with your feet.

  • Pace yourself – as mentioned in the previous tip, shoveling is still considered a workout and can potentially even be exhausting. Understand your body’s reactions to the stress and don’t forget to go at a moderate pace. No need to rush and completely wear yourself out.

  • Injury treatment/prevention – in the event that you do unfortunately injure yourself from shoveling, consider pursuing physical therapy in Farmingdale from Farmingdale Physical Therapy East. Back pain and other ailments can potentially be healed through the powers of therapeutic treatment.

If you’re interested in undergoing physical therapy in Farmingdale, contact the trained professionals at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East and schedule an appointment today.

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