Functional Exercises For Everyday Movement

As we continue to age, it can slowly become harder to get up and move around. When you live a rather sedentary lifestyle, any type of sudden movement puts you at risk of injury. To make a full recovery from issues like this one, you may need to schedule sessions of geriatric physical therapy in Bethpage with our team if you’re an older adult. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we want to see you stay active for as long as possible. Certain exercises can help improve functionality in everyday movements, and we can teach you how to perform them. 

DISCLAIMER: Be sure to always discuss with your doctor before starting a new workout routine.

Seated Single Leg Calf Raises

Keeping your legs healthy will allow you to move around without issue.  It can also help prevent injuries that require geriatric physical therapy in Bethpage. Seated single leg calf raises are one of the best exercises that can help accomplish this.  Below are the steps required to do so:

  1. Start by sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.

  2. Be sure to keep your core engaged and gaze straight ahead throughout this exercise.

  3. Start by choosing one foot and lifting your heel as high as possible while keeping your toes on the ground.

  4. Once your calf muscle has been thoroughly engaged, bring your heel to the ground and repeat this exercise with the other leg.

  5. Three sets of 10 on each leg is the recommended amount for this exercise.

Seated Leg Lifts

Issues with one’s balance is a common problem that can put you in need of geriatric physical therapy in Bethpage. Keeping your legs and core muscles healthy plays a role in avoiding falls. Seated leg lifts help with this, and are they performed by doing the following:

  1. Sit in a chair with your feet together and flat on the floor.

  2. Be sure to keep your core engaged and shoulders rolled back throughout the exercise.

  3. While holding the arms or seat of the chair, lift your legs off the ground.

  4. Keep your feet and knees together and lift as high as you can before returning to the starting position.

  5. Five sets of 10 to 12 repetitions are perfect to help increase your core strength.

Seated Shoulder Raise

Keeping your upper body in shape is also important when looking to avoid sessions of geriatric physical therapy in Bethpage. One of the safest ways to do this is with seated shoulder raises. To perform this exercise:

  1. Sit up tall in a chair with your arms hanging parallel to your body.

  2. Keeping your back straight, slowly lift your arms out as high as you can.

  3. Try to reach your arms completely over your head if possible, with your fingers pointed to the ceiling.

  4. If you are unable to do so, attempt to get your shoulders to about ear level.

  5. Once that is done, slowly lower your arms back to the starting position.

  6. In total, perform about 15 to 20 repetitions of this exercise.

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At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, our staff can teach you a plethora of exercises that can keep you healthy and moving. If you’re unable to perform any of the previously listed ones, we’re confident we can find exercises that will still benefit your quality of life as an older adult. Contact our team today to learn about more exercises or to schedule an appointment for geriatric physical therapy in Bethpage.

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