How Can Strength Training Improve Your Speed

Have you been constantly trying to increase your speed to no avail? If so, it is time for a change in routine. Incorrect training methods do not yield results and may also cause injury. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, our team can let you in on the key to increasing your speed; strength training. Should you have been injured due to improper training, or would like to safely increase your strength, schedule a session for physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY today!

What is Strength Training?

Strength training involves doing exercises to increase the strength of your muscles.  Unlike aerobic training, this does not focus on your endurance, but rather on the amount of force your muscles can produce.  From free weights and weight machines to even bodyweight workouts such as pushups and jump squats, this form of training will fill out your muscles.  However, this is not the only benefit you can achieve from hitting the weights.

Speed And Strength Training

As an athlete, you may be under the impression that the only way to increase your speed is to only do the activity over and over again. Take running for example. The basic idea in your head may be that to get faster, you need to continue increasing the intensity of your running. However, doing this can lead to an injury and put you in need of physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Running is an aerobic exercise, and the muscles used during this activity do not get stronger solely through repetition. Increasing intensity before the muscles can handle this load is what causes injuries, which is why strength training is vital when looking to increase speed.

Strength Exercises That Will Increase Speed

Now that you understand why it’s necessary to partake in strength training, you’re probably wondering which exercises work best.  By coming in for physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY, you can learn about some great strength exercises to help improve your speed & quality of life.

As an athlete, you should never limit yourself to one form of training.  Being well-rounded in your approach can help you surpass your competition.  Increasing your speed is a great way to become elite at your sport, and trying to do this incorrectly may lead to injury.  Should this happen to you, don’t hesitate to contact us at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East so you can schedule an appointment for physical therapy in Farmingdale, NY  today!

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