The Benefits of Prehab

physical therapy near BethpageWhat is prehab? – Physical Therapy in Farmingdale

Unlike rehab, prehab is practiced before an injury can occur. Rather than trying to help rehabilitate after an injury occurs, prehab focuses upon preventing the injury from happening. Prehab looks at the most vulnerable areas of the body and comes up with ways to strengthen them. By strengthening weaker parts of the body, there will be a decreased chance of injury and pain. If you’re interested in this proactive treatment method, physical therapy near Bethpage may be right for you at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East.

What is prehab good for?

Prehab is a rising practice in athletes and nonathletes alike. But why? There are many benefits that accompany prehab, including:

  • Improved mobility: Prehab strengthens muscles and keeps joints moving that will increase mobility.

  • Increased balance: By strengthening the core, individuals who prehab are more able to improve their balance.

  • Decreased pain: Whether or not injury occurs, prehab causes the body to become healthier. Being in shape through prehab allows for decreased pain.

  • Decrease risk for injury: Prehab prepares the body for workouts and high impact situations. With a healthier body, the body is less likely to sustain an injury in an accident.

  • Better joint function: Keeping the body fit and in shape keeps joints mobile and healthy.

Prehab can also be beneficial for individuals preparing to go in for surgery. Only 50% of surgery success rates are due to the surgeon, the other 50% is up to you. Studies have found that prehab can improve recovery rates by up to 73%. Take steps before surgery to ensure your success and speedy recovery with our physical therapy near Bethpage today.

Who should prehab?

Everyone should consider prehab, though some individuals may need prehab more than others. Some who may benefit the most from prehab include:

  • Athletes: Individuals who are physically active are especially at risk for injuries. Many sports-related injuries can help be prevented with prehab.

  • Individuals with preexisting joint issues: With the help of prehab, patients can help prevent pre-existing conditions from becoming worse.

  • Individuals preparing to go in for surgery: Studies have found that patients have significantly better recovery after surgery when participating in prehab.

How do I prehab?

Prehab should be tailored to each individual. For this purpose, it is important to see a physical therapist who is experienced and knowledgeable. If you are looking for physical therapy near Bethpage, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East can help you experience the benefits of prehab firsthand. Contact us today to get started.

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