How To Prevent Common Fall Sports Injuries

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Fall Sports – Physical Therapy in Farmingdale

As the fall season rolls around, the risk of sports-related injuries increases. We want you to be able to enjoy playing the sport you love without having to worry about injury or pain. If you are looking for physical therapy near Bethpage, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East will be able to offer you various treatment options in order to help relieve any pain you may be suffering from, along with providing you with the tools to prevent injuries from occurring.

Common fall sports injuries:

  • Knee and ankle injuries

  • Shoulder injuries

  • Hamstring and groin strains

  • Shin splints

  • Wrist, dental, or head injuries

  • ACL tear

  • Tennis elbow

How to avoid sports injuries:

If you are seeking physical therapy near Bethpage, our knowledgeable professionals will be able to give you various tips and guidance on preventing sports-related injuries, such as:

  • Warm up: it’s essential to do a light warm-up such as a jog and a stretch before your game or practice to prepare the muscles to be active.

  • Cool down: performing cool down exercises can help to reduce the buildup of lactic acid which can lead to muscle cramping and stiffness.

  • Incorporate strength training: strength training can help the body become stronger while protecting the joints when they are under any impact.

  • Physical Therapy: our physical therapists will help treat any existing conditions as well as rebuild strength throughout certain parts of the body in order to prevent re-injury.

  • Don’t play through pain: if you suspect any type of pain or discomfort, you should discontinue play so that you don’t further injure yourself.

If you are seeking physical therapy near Bethpage, our physical therapists will be able to offer you additional tips on preventing sports-related injuries. At Farmingdale Physical Therapy East, we will be able to set you up with a personalized exercise and treatment plan. Contact us today to get started!

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