Tips For Avoiding Knee Pain

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Knee Pain – Physical Therapy in Farmingdale

Knee pain has a variety of causes, including injuries, arthritis, and a lack of exercise. Whatever the cause, there are effective ways to prevent knee pain. One popular and successful treatment option is physical therapy. If you’re looking for physical therapy near Bethpage to help treat or prevent knee pain, Farmingdale Physical Therapy East is the place for you.

Common causes of knee pain:

  • Arthritis: Arthritis is a degenerative condition with a gradual onset. The autoimmune disorder causes pain, swelling, and stiffness. Arthritis can affect any joint, including the knee.

  • Sprains and strains: Individuals who are more active are more likely to incur sprains and strains. Such injuries can be caused by failing to warm up properly prior to engaging in physical activity. Sprains can also occur if a joint is forced into an unnatural position.

  • Ligament injuries: The ACL, MCL, and PCL are the three major ligaments of the knee. These ligaments attach muscle and bone in the knee joint. Overextension, twisting, or torquing the knee may cause a tear or stretch of these ligaments.

  • Tendonitis: Tendonitis is caused by repeated strain on a joint. In the case of the knee, tendonitis often occurs due to repetitive jumping. With jumping as a risk factor, tendonitis has a high prevalence rate among volleyball and basketball players. Swelling, pain, and tenderness often accompany tendonitis.

Tips for avoiding knee pain:

  • Warm up: Before exercising, it is very important to warm up. Light exercise and stretching prior to a workout gets your muscles prepared for physical activity. A common cause of knee injury is neglecting to warm up. With our physical therapy near Bethpage, our team can help you learn some helpful warm-up techniques to prevent injuries from occurring.

  • Maintain a healthy weight: Leg joints carry the weight of your entire body. By adding a few extra pounds, you increase the strain put on your joints. The knees are one of the joints most affected by weight increase.

  • Train with weights: When exercising, use weights to help train your knees. Strengthening the muscles around your knees will help prevent future injuries.

  • Choose well-fitting shoes: It is imperative to pick shoes that offer proper support. Supportive shoes will decrease the strain put on your knees and other lower body joints.

  • Physical therapy: Physical therapy is a great option for preventing knee pain. Physical therapy is not only a great option for recovery, but it can also help take preventative measures. With healthier joints, your body will be able to handle more. Physical therapy can help prevent many different types of knee pain. For example, sprains often occur when the muscles surrounding the knee are not strong enough to hold the joint in place, and ligament tears occur when the ligaments are too stiff. To address both of these causes, physical therapy focuses on building up muscles and stretching the muscles and surrounding ligaments for a healthy joint.

How we can help:

Are you looking for physical therapy near Bethpage? Let our expert physical therapists at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East show you exercises and stretches to prevent injury and pain. Our entire staff is committed to helping you reach your goals!

If you are at risk of knee pain and injury, physical therapy can help. Join our family at Farmingdale Physical Therapy East and experience the benefits physical therapy has in store for you, contact us today!

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